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Monday, 29 September 2008

This and That

The baby movements seem to have died down a bit now. I still feel it every now and then, but it's not nearly as it's 'supposed' to be yet. I think it's still a bit early for kicking. It just feels like the baby is stretching. I'm feeling a lot better than I initially was. I still feel nauseous sometimes, but not all the time. I am also eating better which is a relief. I still don't enjoy food like I used to...but that may really not be a bad thing. I still constantly have a horrid taste in my mouth and I've been chowing Mint Imperials to alleviate that.

It's Sarah's 21st on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the arrangements turn out, but have no idea what to buy for her! It's the first time she's celebrating a birthday since we've been friends and it's a big one. She's given me ideas of things she wants/needs so I have quite a broad scope. I really hope she likes whatever I choose.

I had a chest of drawers which was seriously falling apart. Somehow the drawers wouldn't fit into the shell anymore and kept collapsing. The entire structure was basically useless. I didn't know of anyone who could fix it and was going to throw the whole thing away. We've been pricing a new set for quite a while and they seem to go for an average of about R2 000. Eventually I chatted to my grandfather about it and he told me I should take it through to his brother. He chatted to his brother and he agreed to have a go at it as carpentry is a hobby of his. Over the weekend he let us know that he was done and we could come pick it up.

The chest of drawers looks as good as new and all the drawers fit in rather nicely! He said it wasn't too big a job. I bought him a box of chocolate as a small gesture of appreciation (I ran this by my grandfather first), turns out he's diabetic. Next time I'll ask my grandmother about his family, she seems to know more than him.

I received a formal invitation to My Evil Mother's wedding. She wants me to take photos. I agreed to take pictures for her. She can consider it my gift.

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