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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

STILL sick

I'm STILL sick. I've finally taken my last antibiotic today. I have a suspicion that the antibiotics are making me feel nauseous. I couldn't even keep down water yesterday. I was feeling TERRIBLE, so my gynae appointment wasn't the joyful event it should have been.

My new gynae is really nice. He discussed things with me, which the other one did not. We specifically discussed going for the foetal assessment. He said that I fall into a low risk category and if I go for the foetal assessment there is about a 2% chance that I will need to go for a test where they draw amniotic fluid (this involves a big needle being stuck into your belly). That is the one test I do not want to have! I've decided since the risk is so small I don't think I'm going to go. My medical aid is pretty much done anyway! He also prescribed something for an infection I've gotten from the antibiotics. It never rains but it pours hey!

The baby looks healthy on the scan. Although the baby is lying in an awkward position so they were not able to tell the sex. He said we would definitely be able to tell at the next appointment (20 October) and he'll arrange for a DVD to be made for us. The most amazing thing must have been seeing the baby stretch out inside me. I'm convinced I can feel it sometimes if I'm sitting really still. He also said my due date is approximately 14 March (4 days earlier) but said he's not going to change my due date for now as these things become more and more uncertain as the pregnancy progresses. He said it's really unfortunate that I'm still suffering from morning sickness, but he's convinced I won't be for much longer. He is surprised that I am not complaining about my bladder as the baby is pressing down onto it and it should be making me quite uncomfortable. Perhaps the morning sickness is overshadowing all of that.

I'm really looking forward to getting my appetite back and getting off these antibiotics. I was only able to keep them down for roughly an hour. I hope my body absorbed enough of the antibiotic for the infection not to come back. It was very painful and I don't want to go through another course of antibiotics.

Wish me luck!

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