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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I've moved!

I've finally got my own domain!

You can find everything you find here and more at

Come on over!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Weekend So Far

Failed at sleeping late this morning. I freaking hate when that happens. I can *only* sleep late on a Saturday because I have church on Sunday mornings and next weekend I'm working *sigh* I HATE working weekends.

We went to go watch Harry Potter with Leebeesa today. I really enjoyed the movie. I cried snot and trane at the end, but since I had read the book I expected as much.

My domain is live and my template is being worked on. I hope to launch my site next week some time. All depends on how long it takes to get the template the way I like it. I finally got my photos scanned in and mailed them off to my template designer to add in. It's going to be much easier to see how my site is going to look once the photos are also in. This will also probably help him to design as he'll get a better idea of the colours and things that are involved. I'm SO excited!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing my second cousin, Carmen, for the first time since December. She's come over from the UK to visit. I don't know if she'll be here this year December. I expect not. I'm bought her some Body Thrills and rumour has it she has brought baby gifts!

Speaking of which:

Gifts from Aunty Leebeesa :)

A baby grow and dummy I bought (both Eeyore :))

Anyway...Off to watch another movie with Rudi...on the couch this time.

Friday, 17 July 2009


So I've taken the plunge and paid for my own domain for the next year. It's still being setup and my template isn't done yet. Someone has been most gracious and offered to do it for me, but these things don't happen overnight. I'm excited. Yesterday when I got the ball rolling and started sketching my template idea I was almost vibrating with excitement!

Anyway. We're going to watch Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince tomorrow with Leebeesa. I'm really looking forward to it! I enjoyed the Harry Potter books very much and while the movies are not nearly as magical...I enjoy seeing the characters come to life.

I've got a TON of work and I'm totally unmotivated to do any of it. I'm only taking half a lunch today because I anticipate I might not be able to finish said work and on a Friday that is simply unacceptable. I've got angry customers waiting to be called back as well. I hate angry customers. Especially since they tend to vent on me, who did NOT CAUSE THEIR PROBLEM. The nicer you are to me, the more willing I am to help you mofo. Duh. So shout at me, take my name and take a number.

My domain will be live by next week (maybe even tomorrow), but then I have to figure WordPress out and also wait for my template to get done. The gentleman making my template also offered to move my posts from blogger to WordPress which would be lovely. I would hate to lose all the work and emotion I've poured into this blog.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Own Domain

So Angel has gotten her own domain. I've toyed with the idea before...and could not justify the cost in my head. Not that many people read my they?

So I was telling Rudi that Glugster gave Angel her own domain as a gift and that I had considered it. I told him about my reservations and he said 'Why not?! It's not *that* expensive. You should do it!' Encouragement from a very unexpected place. Rudi doesn't read my blog, he barely realizes that I blog even though I have saved the link on his phone for him to visit any time (at my own peril!). He saw me reading my comments on my phone once and asked to see. He read an entire page of entries (probably more text than he has ever read since I've known him) and complained that I hadn't mentioned him. LOL. Luckily he landed on THAT page and not another one where I was having a good whine about something that he had said/done.

So somehow his encouragement has gotten me to reconsider and start putting feelers out.

Of course...I'm probably going to have to move to WordPress and I have no idea how I'll design a template for myself since I'm not that way inclined. Angel had merylpixelmagic design hers and she did a smashing job!

Sherbet. My lunch is over. So. Maybe someone will be nice enough to offer to design a template for me? *hints* :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Sad thoughts

Reading cathjenkin's blog post to her departed dad got me to thinking and got me to crying. It sounds like her father would have been a wonderful grandfather.

I am very fortunate that I have a wonderful grandfather. I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who LOVES me and wanted to teach me things, wanted to spoil me, wanted to watch me grow up, wanted to aid the process...he still does. He is an awesome grandfather. The.Best.Ever. He would take me on nature hikes and show me things. He would take me to the zoo. He would take me to a farm to go and see the horses. He would buy me books and encourage me to read.

My grandmother? A wonderful woman. Oh she is so wonderful. I love her so much. She would kiss my knee better when I scraped it. She would sew my button on after I'd ripped it off on some adventure. She would iron my bed so that it was warm when I got in, tumble dry my clothes and towel while I was in the bath so I could be snuggly and warm when I got out. She would rub Vicks on my chest and under my feet when I had a cold. She would make my hot water bottle. She would blow dry my hair while I wildly protested so I could look pretty for church.

They looked after me when My Evil Mother messed up (more often than not I'm sure). When My Evil Mother was in so much debt that we didn't have food to eat, they took me in. For years they carted me to and from school.

I can't even mention everything they have meant to me. How important they were in shaping who I am today (the good bits!)

I am terrified of losing them.

My child will not have the privilege I had. My Evil Mother...I don't even KNOW what I'm going to do about her and the relationship she will have with our child. Rudi's parents are OK and will love our child and spoil him/her...but it won't be what *I* had and I don't think it's selfish of me to want that wonderful experience for my child.

My grandparents aren't getting any younger. Perhaps by the time our child is old enough to start appreciating the experiences with them, they will be too old to make those things happen.


I guess I'll just have to be a much better parent. To make up for what our baby will miss out on. So sad.

Birthdays and Movies

Today is My Evil Mother's birthday. Had my grandmother not reminded me in church yesterday morning I would have completely forgotten. That is how disconnected I am from her and her life. I suppose I should get her something. I feel obligated somehow. Not that I bought her something the last two years (just returning the favour since she hasn't bought me gifts for the past 5), but we exchanged gifts at Christmas and I guess this has set the ball rolling again. Her birthday is before mine, as luck would have it.

It's my birthday soon. I have no idea what to do. It's the second consecutive year that I am pregnant, so no drinking or partying for me. Rudi wanted to take me to The Mount where we had our wedding reception, which is a very sweet and romantic idea. I kind of feel like a restaurant would be a bit of a waste though since I'm suddenly very fussy about what I want to eat and risk throwing up my expensive meal or feeling like I want to throw it up. That kind of sucks the fun out of it.

Any suggestions for what I might do?

The weekend was not bad. I managed to scrape through without throwing up, but did feel nauseous most of the time. I managed to schedule in a nap on Saturday and Sunday...but I still didn't want to get up this morning.

Yesterday we went to Canal Walk to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D. I freaking HATE Canal Walk. It's a HUGE shopping center and we got lost trying to find the cinema. We were constantly consulting the maps and still feeling completely lost. The queues for popcorn were really long and Rudi barely made it in before the movie started. The movie was pretty cool. Ice Age seems to be one of those franchises that aren't deteriorating every time they release a movie. We had a good giggle at the fact that the "monster" in the movie was named Rudi :)

I'm really looking forward to watching Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince with Leebeesa next Sunday. The reviews are already sounding good!

************SPOILER ALERT****************

If you have not yet watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage and you don't wish to know how it ends, stop reading now. I warned you.

I really enjoyed the idea of the movie. I liked the 'puzzle' aspect of it...and the supernatural feeling it had to it...but then there were aliens. I'm not so much into sci-fi so didn't find that part interesting or well thought out in the least. Personally I don't think I could think of a better way to end it, but I think there was potential there for a fantastic ending. When I was under the impression that just the two main character's children were being taken I wondered about the inbred race they would spawn, so I was relieved to see other pods or spaceships or whatever taking off from the planet earth.

I liked the way they chose to end the world. BOOM.

I also found it a bit confusing when Caleb (son of Nicholas Cage's character) started writing down the numbers. This would lead me to believe that the numbers don't necessarily 'run out' and that he is perhaps predicting further events. I found that small part a little bit contradicting.

But I'm no movie critic! Let me know what you thought!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I'm really trying my best not to write an entire rant about Jubba. I will refrain. I must be zen. I must not let him get to me. Breath in. Breath out. In. Out.

Right. So Rudi and I are also going to watch The Knowing with Nicholas Cage on Saturday. The trailer looks really good, but I've heard whispers on Twitter that the ending is a disappointment.

I'm probably being quite optimistic with all my weekend plans, considering the all day sickness seems to be getting worse at the moment, but I can't stop my life.


Just barfed at work. That's a first. Usually my system doesn't allow me to barf in public. I do feel a bit better though. My lunch is almost over and I haven't had anything to eat yet. I thought I could have plain salted popcorn, but they didn't have. Leebeesa gave me two provitas. So sweet of her.

Anyway. Hoping Jubba stays out of my way for the rest of the day and that I get enough rest this weekend. I certainly need it.

Thursday, 09 July 2009


*yawn* I am so tired I feel like my head is going to fall off. This morning I rushed to get ready and then crawled back into bed for 10 minutes. I would SO much rather have stayed in bed and slept. Keeping in mind that I've been working for 11 days straight now. That doesn't help. *yawn*

It doesn't look like sleeping late will be forthcoming this weekend. On Saturday I have to go and renew my car expired on the 30th of June already and I'm already into my 21 day grace period. Then at 11:30 I have a hair appointment.

Sunday morning will be church and on Sunday afternoon we're going to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D with Beauty Queen, SLK and a bunch of their friends. Quite looking forward to that.

Weekends are too short dammit. Three days. Is that too much to ask? I'll still give four full days to my employer. Just ONE more weekend day. Either that or I should have become a construction worker or doctor. With all the strikes going on at the moment I would have been granted some time off.

Going to bed at early doesn't seem to help much either, although Rudi decided it was more important for him to go out and watch darts last night than to spend time with me, so he did wake me up when he got home and then I had heartburn so struggled to get back to sleep. I'm actually quite annoyed with him for going, but what can you do? I suppose he needs some time away from me as well. Hmph.

So I'm 9 weeks today. The appointment for my nuchal scan was made for 7 August 09:00. I will probably be anxious and nervous before this scan as it will be done with high definition scanning equipment and this is where we'll get our first indications of what exactly is happening inside me at the moment. My ticker says our baby has fingers and toes we'll most likely be able to see a whole lot more by the time 7 August rolls around *fret*

Ok. Enough of that.

I'm going to have a nap on my desk.


Wednesday, 08 July 2009

All about throwing up

Yesterday I broke my throwing up record. Twice in one day. I know it doesn't seem like much, but throwing up twice a day is traumatic, OK? The first time it was just as I got out of bed. Nothing in my stomach, which is what I'm used to. If you don't know what bile tastes like, pop an E on an empty stomach. Ok, so I can't really encourage drug use on my blog, but you get what I'm saying. Yummy. What a way to start your day. I was hoping that I was done for the day having gotten it behind me first thing in the morning, alas it was not to be.

After work we went shopping for some groceries and I had to push Rudi to just get the bare minimum so we could leave as soon as possible. I was not feeling the shopping vibe. It's strange, the worst feeling of nausea always hits me around the same spot on the way home. I think it's part psychological. I know in my mind I will soon be at home in the privacy of my own bathroom with my own toilet and then it will be OK to barf. Loudly. As I tend to. I have never thrown up in public or at anyone else's house. Not even in the car. While I was pregnant anyway.

When we arrived home I felt better though and had a chocolate milkshake. I was sitting playing with Rudi's new phone (his old one completely gave up the ghost after the encounter with the pool) and had to get up to make the white sauce for our mac and cheese dinner (I am the white sauce QUEEN!). There it came. Suddenly.

I know from previous experience that chocolate B-fast turns pink in your stomach while it's digesting (weird, huh?). Chocolate milk it seems, doesn't.

I must say, this pregnancy, this "morning" sickness....everything just feels much more like I expected it to be. With James I was so sick ALL THE TIME that I really, really considered offing myself eventually. This time it is so much more manageable. I am very grateful for that.

My jeans don't fit me anymore. I need pants man! The lovely Tertia has said I can come and have a look at her maternity clothes, which I definitely will. I have 4 pants that currently fit me, which means I have to wear once pair at least twice in a work week. Not cool! I'll also be able to meet her and the infamous Max when I go to have a look. Yay!

All this taken into consideration - I AM HAPPY! I am in awe of the miracle that is taking place inside me. I was having visions of sperm meeting egg yesterday (like they show on TV) and thinking about how very lucky I am.


Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Scan :)

It's just a bean for now, but according to the measurement on the scan our baby is 2.13cm in length already.

Our bean was moving around yesterday. Something James only did much later on. I'm hoping it's all a good sign.

Monday, 06 July 2009

My HUGE News

2009-06-05, Friday:

Today we found out that I'm pregnant. 1 - 2 weeks. We're elated! So happy! Of course also a little apprehensive. This blog entry will go into drafts for quite a while. At least until I've been to the gynae to confirm that the baby is safe and snug and that there is a heartbeat. Right now all I have is a positive urine test and a blood test.

I was only a few days late. My cycle was supposed to start on Monday, it had never been this long since my last pregnancy and the curiosity was KILLING ME. On Thursday I went to buy two pregnancy tests (thinking, like last time, I would need more than one) and waited till Friday morning to take it. All night I dreamt of positive pregnancy tests. It was quite weird. Sure enough, the first one I took came out positive, rendering the second test useless:

I couldn't believe it! I asked a colleague to take me down to the hospital in the morning to have blood drawn to confirm this. Pathcare won't interpret the results for you, but after work Rudi and I went to collect the results. My BHCG (pregnancy hormone) level was 156 and flagged as 'High'. The key on the results sheet says if your number is between 50 and 5000 you are 1 - 2 weeks pregnant.

2009-06-07, Sunday:

Today the sickness began. I got sick while brushing my teeth. Have had an underlying feeling of nausea all day. Already so many things about this pregnancy feel more 'right' than they did last time. For one, Rudi and I found out together, instead of him knowing before I did. Not that he didn't try. He wanted to pick up the results at Pathcare on Friday, but I had to show my ID, so he had no chance. I've found out very early on, which means I can take good care of myself and avoid medication, alcohol, etc. I'm still in denial. I'm still in shock. I don't understand HOW we got pregnant. We were specifically careful because I was on so much medication last month including cortisone, antibiotics and schedule 5 sleeping tablets. We used condoms for goodness sake! Unless it happened while we were in George...

Tomorrow I'll make my gynae appointment. I'll try to schedule it for around 7 weeks from now so we can see the heartbeat when we go. I should be around 8 or 9 weeks then. It's so long to wait. So long to keep this HUGE secret.

I'm worried about telling Angel. It was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind. She has been trying for such a long time and in my opinion really deserves to be knocked up also. I can only hope that she is knocked up before I release the news to the world. I really want to tell her already since I know in my heart she will be happy for us, even if it makes her heart sore...but it's so early on and anything can still happen. I don't want to upset her unnecessarily. I will call her before I publish anything about this on my blog. So by the time you read this, she will already know.

2009-06-08, Monday:

I felt a little sick this morning, but managed to keep everything down. Feeling fine throughout the day. I must say it feels a bit dishonest keeping this secret. I want to announce it to the world, despite what happened last time. I made my gynae appointment. It's for the 6th of July. 11:30 in the morning. I don't think we'll be able to see the heartbeat by then, but we'll be able to see the gestational sac at the very least and make sure everything is where it should be.

2009-06-09, Tuesday:

So I may have gone a little overboard shopping for the baby yesterday. I bought:
A Snookums bottle warmer: R309.00 (Game)
A Snookums microwave bottle sterilizer: R130.00 (Game)
Rubber duckies: R30.00 (Ackermanns Baby)

Not to mention the the 2 NUK dummies (size 1, R89.99 - Checkers)I bought the Monday after we returned from George. I also bought myself a Carriwell maternity bra(R130.00 - Ackermanns Baby) as my breasts are already getting sensitive.

It's so weird. Last time I didn't want to buy anything. Not even until I was 5 months. This time I'm shopping up a storm. I must have a good feeling about this :) Also, this is probably going to be a reeeaaalllyy long blog entry by the 6th of July.

2009-06-11, Thursday

So CUTE! When Rudi dropped me off for work this morning he said 'Take care of my baby' *heart melts* He took a very long time to get this way last time. Going for another blood test tomorrow.

2009-06-13, Saturday

So I went for my second blood test yesterday. The BHCG (pregnancy hormone) level in my blood has shot up from 156 to over 2000 in one week. This is a good sign, but throws off the gestational age. The first number indicates 1 - 2 weeks where the second one indicates 4 - 5 weeks. Guess we'll have to wait for my scan in July to confirm where I'm at...and whether there's only one baby in there!

2009-06-16, Tuesday

After doing some research on the Internet it seems like Pathcare's BHCG key is wrong. Looks like there is probably just one baby in there.

I feel so wonderful. I don't feel sick at all (which worries me because I seem to be eating for the A team). My biggest complaints could be getting up at night to pee and fatigue. Walk in the park compared to my pregnancy with James. Really. It makes me it's too good to be true. How can I possibly feel so well and be pregnant? I suppose my previous experience has jaded me somewhat. I'm so excited and happy!

I called Angel and told her. She was happy for us, as I knew she would be. I'm so glad.

2009-06-17, Wednesday

I really don't mind getting up at night to pee (even at this early stage), but really. It's bloody freezing suddenly. Was shivering all the way to and from the loo during the night. Will have to put on warmer PJ's and socks tonight.

2009-06-19, Friday

I'm exhausted! It's my twelfth consecutive day of work and I NEED to rest! Had a lovely bout of morning sickness yesterday that made me very nervous, but it passed by lunchtime and I'm feeling fine today. I'm starting to feel my womb migrating north (well, upwards) and my jeans are already a little tight, even after I lost weight. I went out and bought myself a pair of nice light grey track pants which have PLENTY of tummy room for the future (but look a bit big for me now) and are nice enough to wear to work. Pants are going to be a real problem for me. Although there is a market for plus size maternity wear (because fat people get pregnant too, you know)...nobody seems to cater for it. Luckily I'm not in the top sizes of regular plus sized clothes, so I guess I'm going to have to buy the bigger sizes in future. Seems kind of a waste, especially since plus sized clothes are quite expensive.

2009-06-30, Tuesday

So I've been putting off posting here. There's not really anything to tell right now. It's frustrating that you never know how your pregnancy is going between gynae appointments. I'm looking forward to my gynae appointment (although tentatively). I don't think we'll be able to see much, probably not even a heartbeat. I estimate (and I could be wrong) that I'll be around 6 weeks when I see him. I think we'll most likely just establish whether or not the pregnancy is ectopic and discuss our options from there. I would assume that my gynae would want to keep a close eye on the baby's developments this time around, although that is just an assumption. I don't think I need to tell my gynae how to do his job. He usually does a check up once every six weeks in the beginning. It seems painfully long in between visits. We'll most likely talk about the big scan (that I didn't go for last time) on Monday. I'm a little superstitious about having my appointment on a Monday. He picked up the problems with James for the first time on a Monday. We went for the scan where we made our final decision on a Monday. I became kind of anti-Mondays during that whole period of my life, but it is a new beginning and a new pregnancy and a new baby. Things will be different this time. I hope.

2009-07-01, Wednesday

Yesterday after feeling very ill in the car on the way home (I actually think I suffer from all day sickness which is made worse by being a passenger. Motion sickness if you will) I had to dash to the bathroom as soon as we arrived home. I was completely fine when I left work, we stopped at the shop and in the short distance between the shop and home things took a turn for the worse. After that I was OK again though. That is more what I expected 'morning' sickness to be like. Sudden onset, barf and you're done.

I hope Rudi will be able to make it to the gynae appointment. He's been very non-committal due to operational requirements at work, but I hope he can make it. I really want to have him there.


Still feeling nauseous today. I'm not going to complain, but it really isn't nice. Fuggit.

2009-07-04, Saturday

I had a wonderful dream last night. It was both good and bad, but it left me with a good feeling. I dreamt I had a baby girl. She was tiny, but so wonderful to hold and she had a lovely temperament. This gave me a wonderful feeling. The bad part of the dream was where I needed to change her and I seemed COMPLETELY unprepared and overwhelmed. I probably dressed and undressed her 5 times, stuffing up something in the process. I didn't have bum cream, I couldn't find a nappy to fit her small body...when I put powder on her I managed to get it in her eye, but she wasn't upset with me. She still cuddled me. She also had bruises on her bum, where I assumed in the dream that she had been injected while in hospital. After all the changing drama, My Evil Mother was also in the dream. She berated me for wanting to hold on to my baby and basically being inseparable from her. Trust My Evil Mother to do something like that.

All in all the dream left me elated and VERY impatient to meet my baby! (I probably still have around 8 months to wait though - they gynae will clarify on Monday)

2006-07-06, Monday

My gynae appointment was scheduled for 11:30 this morning, but due to unforseen circumstances the gynae called and rescheduled it to 16:15. I was already super impatient, but I was glad it was still today.

I must say I love my gynae. He is absolutely awesome. His first concern was to make sure my mind was at ease after everything that happened last time. He did a scan and determined that I was already 8 weeks and 4 days! It's much further along than we thought, but it's really nice. Much closer to 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage is reduced. He brought up risk assessments and I told him that I would like to go for the risk assessments, although I am not up to another amniocentesis which was useless and very expensive last time. He understood my reluctance.

He was very positive and very encouraging. He said he is certain everything will be OK, but recommends that I go for the risk assessments if it would put my mind at ease and to re-inforce the positivity. He is very happy with everything so far. His receptionist will make an appointment for my nuchal scan in the next 4 and half weeks. I'll be going to the doctor that did the more advanced scans for James. I really like her and I'm very comfortable with her so I'm really glad that she'll be doing the nuchal scan.

He's pushed my next appointment with him as far as possible so that he could do another test which can only be done at that stage. Another thing I love about him, he's economical. He doesn't try and book you for a million appointments unnecessarily to make money off you. His business is very obviously booming. My next appointment with him is 24 August.

So there is my huge news! I'm so glad I can finally talk about it!

I will see if Jubba is in a good mood tomorrow. Maybe he'll scan in the pictures of our jelly bean for you to see :)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling better

Well I finally seem to be getting over that cold that was plaguing me last week. Thank fork! It was really getting me down and I pray I don't get ill AGAIN this winter. Only problem is I seem to have passed my germs on to Rudi. He is *not* impressed. I said to him 'What did you expect me to do? Move out while I'm sick?' I mean really. It's inevitable that we're going to pass germs on to each other!

The weekend was uneventful. I spent most of it in bed nursing my cold with rest. I was also on leave yesterday which I spent doing as little as possible. I watched quite a few episodes of NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Services). Very cool programme. I've watched almost 3 seasons.

I did receive my Body Thrills products in the mail on Friday (finally). Stupid post office had delayed it as they were unsure of the contents (apparently they wondered whether they were flammable). I received what I had ordered, but apparently I had forgotten about a lot of what I had ordered and was pleasantly surprised at my loot. Rudi even dipped into my Chocolate Pudding lip balm - so unlike him!

I wish I could change my blog theme to purple, but there doesn't seem to be anything that I like in the template section. I don't think I should fiddle with the HTML! There are a few small changes coming up on my blog VERY do come back and check. You won't be sorry :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Lent For Liam - Reminder

It's the end of the month and pay day for don't forget about Lent for Liam!

R100 is all it takes!

Bank details:

LJ Cadger
Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Account Number: 006867480

Reference: Your Name / E-mail

Paypal Reference:

I've contributed this month, will you?

Other than that I'm really frustrated with the cold I have right now. Thank goodness it's not like it was last month, but not being able to breathe through my nose is KILLING ME. It's the MOST irritating thing. Breathing through my mouth just makes my throat sore and my mouth dry. I would really appreciate a break from being sick. Just as my cough started going away *this* happens. Lovely sneezes and a PILE of tissues in the bin speak volumes about how I am feeling. I stayed off work yesterday, but I came in today. I wasn't going to pay a doctor R300.00 to book me off for one day. If I'm not better by Monday I'll go.

After two days the skin below my nose was raw, sore, flaky, red and SORE (I know I said that twice). A colleague at work let me use some of her Zam-Buk (not sure if you get this outside of South Africa). The stuff is awesome. I've never bought it before, but went to get a pot the same day. It relieves the pain and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. It can also be used as lip balm (although it's very minty and I don't think I want to find out how it tastes), for insect bites, mild burns and Angel even told me she uses it for her heels! Magic stuff!

While I'm pimping products, ExMi is having a special for TODAY ONLY. Order now! I'm going to check if my last order arrived after work. Can't wait!

I've got the all time worst customer waiting to be called back in my name (his query was assigned to me). I decided to leave him till after lunch. He is infamous in our portfolio and all the way to our billing department. He tries to find flaws in our system where there are none. Last time he called he spoke to Leebeesa and threatened to sue us. I wish he would. I wish he would piss out his money on legal fees when he doesn't have a leg to stand on. I HATE dealing with irates. Yes. I'm a wuss. I just know he is going to shout at me/ask me questions I can't argue/be a prick. It's what we all prepare ourselves for when he complains.

I'm off this weekend, thankfully, but I'll be working next weekend :(

Hope everyone has a good one!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kak day

Ugh. Working in that crappy portfolio again today. When I am I just feel like saying FML. I positively hate it and have had more than one person shout at me today already. SO frustrating. I would much rather just work in my own portfolio, but we take turns serving our time in this one. It's my turn.

To top it off I'm sick. For the past few days I've had a cold and I feel yucky. The worst part for me is the blocked nose. It KILLS me. I can't stand not being able to breathe properly. I'm coping quite well without medication. Last month when I was sick I spent R2000.00 on doctor's appointments and medication. I can't afford to deplete my medical aid anymore, especially if I get pregnant this year I will need what I have left. Poor Rudi hasn't even been considered into the equation.

He said the sweetest thing yesterday. They were talking about 'The Golden Ratio' on Oprah last night and how they measured the proportions of celebrities faces to calculate their ratio. The highest scoring celebrity was Brad Pitt, he scored over 9. Angelina Jolie scored between 7 and 8. I thought aloud and said 'I wonder what mine would be' and he turned around without missing a beat and said '9.9'. LOL. Sweet of him. Obviously not true, but sweet. Nobody has ever scored a perfect 10. I suppose he took that into consideration when he bestowed his compliment.

Ugh. I better get done with the work I have to do for today. FML.

Monday, 22 June 2009


I am exhausted, tired beyond belief. My last 12 consecutive days of work has completely messed me up. I could hardly lift myself out of bed this morning. I rested all weekend. We only went out on Friday night and we were in bed by 11. I feel like a zombie. I need some leave, but don’t want to waste leave.

Isn’t leave intended for those who need a break though? I’ve put in leave for next Monday. I’m working next weekend so with leave on Monday I’ll be working 11 consecutive days instead of 12. Not sure if that will help much.

I’ve pleaded with my team that we change our weekend roster so that we don’t work so many consecutive days, but changing this will mean working weekends more often so they kick against it. Also there are rumours of shifts coming back into our environment, so their latest argument was that we should continue to work this way to get as many weekends off as possible.

I see their point. I really do…but I don’t know if I can keep it up. Management has nothing to do with the way our weekends are scheduled and I suppose they shouldn’t turn a blind eye…but this is what my team has decided and I used to be able to do it. I must be getting OLD.

I’m going to bed at 7 tonight. Crap. I can’t. Survivor is on. Sherbet.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Spider


The weekend has been quite chilled out. On Friday we went to a colleague's birthday and I had quite a good time. Even dared the dance floor with no drinks in me! I could hardly believe it!

The entire Saturday was spent vegging. It was just what I needed. Today Rudi joined me for church (a rare treat) and we spent lunch at his parents house to celebrate Father's Day.

We were chilling on the couch this evening. I had just woken up from a nap, just in time to catch Friday's episode of 7de Laan which I had missed when Rudi asked me to leave the room with him. I resisted as I was trying to watch TV and enjoying some chocolate, but he persisted and he led me out of the room by my hand. Cool as a cucumber. Once out of the lounge he told me there was a huge spider against the wall. Not believing him I went to have a look and this is what I saw:

If you enlarge the first picture you will see the reflection of the flash in the spider's eye.

Rudi and I are both terrified of spiders. I was standing squealing and Rudi was trying to calm me, not knowing what to do. I called Bradley, thinking 'he's a manly man', but his advice was to spray it with bug spray and smack it with a shoe once it moved. I didn't want to do that. Then I remembered my grandfather often caught rain spiders where they live and they don't live too far away. I gave him a call and he said he'd be right over.

He caught it in a jar within seconds and has taken it home to release in their garden. My hero!

Here are some more pics I took, some with a tea light candle for perspective. My grandfather says it's still a baby. I don't want to know where daddy and mommy are.

To quote a funny and informative article about rain spiders from IOL:

"...plunge households into turmoil through arguments over who is going to remove them, reducing strapping alpha males into Tupperware-clutching wrecks."

I think I need a shower to wash the creep off me. *shudder*

Friday, 19 June 2009

My Evil Mother - Needs to go!

*deep breath* I could kill My Evil Mother, although, I shouldn't say that on my blog...just in case I do.

My uncle was put on short time a little while ago (due to the economy I guess) and very recently my aunt lost the little work from home job she had that gave her a little income each month. No doubt because My Evil Mother kept on phoning out all the airtime her boss put on her phone so she could do telemarketing and make appointments for him to see prospective clients.

My uncle was paid a very small amount this week and it doesn't look like they'll have enough money for petrol, food and the water account. My grandmother asked me to help, but I don't think that would be condusive to getting My Evil Mother out of there. I do not want to see them go hungry (which they very well might), but if you give them anything, she will get her grubby paws on it. She has said she doesn't mind not having food since she doesn't eat much. Selfish bitch. *ahem* Excuse me.

She is working at the moment, for minimum wage, but a job none the less. She hasn't given them any money for the past three weeks (and very little before that, she's been living there for over a year, her husband with her at a stage and they have given less than R1000 in all that time) and has said she was short paid. In the meantime she is making appointments to have her legs waxed.

I'm hoping that she will leave as the grass is no longer green where she is, or that they will finally have the resolve to kick her out on her ass. They seem to think she's going to 'be out on the street'. Are they STUPID? This women is so very cunning and manipulative she'll show up at YOUR door and talk you into letting her stay.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

How do I motivate my man?

Here's the thing, if I have nothing good to blog about, I'm not going to blog. That's not saying I think that I usually blog about interesting things, but I like to think I have something to say when I blog.

If you are bored, be assured I am working on a very long blog entry which I will post early next month. If saying that means you'll only come back early next month to check...then so be it!

Rudi is really frustrated at work. His boss isn't nice to work for. He gets shouted and sworn at nearly daily, gets asked to work late often and doesn't get paid overtime. He is at a disadvantage though. He works for a small company that doesn't necessarily play by the rules. He didn't finish high school (even though I tried to encourage him repeatedly) and he is an able bodied white male which puts him last on the list to be employed in South Africa (of course taking into account the fact that he doesn't have any qualifications). So he is really stuck. He has spoken of getting his code 14 drivers license so he could perhaps drive trucks, but he keeps putting off making the appointment. When I bring it up or try to encourage him he automatically switches to the defensive and inevitably we get into a fight. I just don't know how to approach it and seem like I am encouraging him rather than 'talking down' to him (which I honestly try not to do!) I understand it is a sensitive topic for a man, but it's difficult to be supportive when I don't see him making any effort to do something to get out of the situation he is in. I suppose I would have felt despondant and demotivated if I were him. Perhaps I wouldn't have had the courage to finish school either. I really wish his parents would have been more strict and forced him to finish school at the very least.

Anyway. Enough of that. Stay tuned for that post next month. I promise you're not going to want to miss it!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lent For Liam - Paypal

The Paypal account for Lent for Liam has been set up. I've never used Paypal so I'm not sure how it works, but the e-mail address supplied was and the site is of course

I've been a bad blogger. I know. I've just been SO busy working. They're now measuring our efficiency (read: productivity) per hour so trying to blog takes a chunk out of your hour and you're called in and questioned as to why you attended to less queries in that particular hour. I know. Ridiculous. It was so bad on Friday we had to tell Jubba when we were going to pee. It's worse than being in school!

Needless to say it has been frustrating! Yesterday I was supposed to be at work at 7AM. I only opened my eyes at 7AM. Working the entire weekend and again today (which is a public holiday in South Africa) has left me tired and grumpy! Also, every day I go in there is a chance I'll be sent over to that portfolio I hate as they constantly need bailing out and our team seems to be the ones constantly doing it. Every day they calculate how many people we need (based on how many queries we can handle per hour and how many queries there are ready to be dealt with) and then take the rest of the staff and move them over to that portfolio.

Perhaps I should explain why I don't like working in this portfolio. Basically the customers are different to the ones we deal with in our portfolio, often they spend large amounts of money with the company and thus have a sense of entitlement. More often than not the feedback we have to give these customers is not favourable and they end up crapping all over you. They also start asking really technical questions and since my colleagues and I don't work with these queries every day, sometimes we have to make things up, or ask the customer to hold while we ask someone else. Sounding incompetent much? I can't really explain the full extent of it without perhaps revealing more than I should about The Company, so I'll leave it at that.

I was dreading have to work alone in my portfolio today. I thought I would be stuck there all bloody day. Surprisingly it didn't take all day. I left just before 1PM. Awesome!

Right now I feel like I could really do with a nap, but I'll probably just lie under the covers and watch NCIS. The sun is out, but it's still chilly. I'm not fooled by the winter sun...Rudi has gone off to visit I think some NCIS will be a good way to pass the time.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


In the past few days I have considered starting a separate blog, but have put the idea to bed. I can barely cope with regularly blogging here...I couldn't cope with two. I could perhaps write a guest entry on another blog, but not a daily blog as the second one would be. How on earth does Angel manage her 3 blogs?! So I've decided to keep it at just one blog.

My working weekend is this weekend, plus I'm working the public holiday (alone!) next week. So I'll probably be stuck at work all day on Tuesday :( SUCK. Rudi was rubbing his hands together at the prospect of the overtime I'll be earning...but I'm TIRED. Dammit!

I feel like I need a break...yes I know we were just away...but I dream of being a lady of leisure. Wouldn't that be nice?

By the way...I didn't gain any weight this week. Completely slipped my mind to mention it.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Lent for Liam (2)

I have made my first contribution for Lent for Liam this morning. A colleague of mine has pledged to contribute R200.00 per month.

I received the following e-mail from Liam's mom this morning:

Dear friends - Thank you for your comments and pledges of support on my blog... and Meriel's vision.

Banking details for Lent for Liam is now functional, adminstered by our resident accountant, Melany.

LJ Cadger
Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Account Number: 006867480

Reference: Your Name / E-mail

**NB* we are setting up a paypal account **NB***

Thank you.... millions.


I will post the details of the Paypal account as soon as I have them. Please take the time to read the Lent For Liam post and open your heart to these wonderful people.

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

No Survivor?

[rant] I'm majorly peeved at SABC3 for not having any Survivor on last night! It's the highlight of my Monday evenings and they took it away from me! What for? Cricket! Look, I have no problem with cricket, but it wasn't even as if South Africa was playing! It was Sri Lanka against Australia if I'm not mistaken. Not interested. There should be no reason to take Survivor off TV. Ever. [/rant]

Anyway...I have lots of work to do, so I best not be farting around. I found my grandfather's birthday present, but had to make sure he could use it. He wanted a pair of headphones that he could use to watch TV while my grandmother sleeps (he sleeps very little usually), but he has an ancient TV which doesn't even have fittings for headphones!

I figured out though that he can play the TV through the auxillary and plug the headphones in there. I saw a really nice cordless pair at Game for R400.00. He's going to love it!

Monday, 08 June 2009

Lent for Liam


On Saturday 55 whales beached in the small village of Kommetjie in Cape Town. Around 2 000 people came down to the beach in the cold winters day. Some people came in wetsuits to swim them out, some brought tea and sandwiches for the rescuers. Everyone who was there wanted to help. They wanted to play a part, to make a difference. It gave us hope in humanity to see that people can pull together.

We have an opportunity to pull together for Liam……… they are easy-peasy and there is something for everyone.

We all read Wenchy’s blog. We feel like we know her and we feel like we know her kids. They now need us to be the village that pulls together for them. They need us to come down with what we have and say “here I am use me”.

Liam needs to go to a specialised school next year. Aside from the waiting lists and the paperwork Wenchy is completely stressed out about the money. But we have figured out a plan for her.

1. Supermom, an accountant to manage the money.

2. They will then open up an account for Liam’s school fund.

3. The clever account person will sort out how to use Paypal to get foreign money transfers (or we will ask Tertia SO CLOSE)

4. We are using R100 notes to build Liam’s future.

a. Project Sushi

For me R100 is a plate of sushi. I am going to give up one plate of sushi a month and sign up a debit order of R100 into the fund. That’s R1 200 into the fund for the year.

I will find 5 friends to join me 5 x R1 200 = R6 000

Their R6 000 + my R1 200 = R7 200

We are looking for 5 of you brave souls who love sushi (but Liam more) to do this too – we will have R36 000 in one year.

b. Project Thanksgiving

We need 10 hostesses to do our traditional Thanksgiving parties.

You all know Wenchy has this tradition of Thanksgiving so use her past posts as inspiration.

You get to plan whatever party you like, invite your own friends and ask them each to bring R10 with their thanksgiving wish. 10 friends x R10 = R100

We are looking for 10 brave hostesses to take up this challenge – we will have another R1 000.

c. Project Mistletoe

When you get your Christmas bonus – please donate R100.

We are looking for 10 carol-singers to do this – we will have another R1 000 in the fund.

d. Plan Blog

If you have a blog – please tell your readers about this.

We are looking for 10 bloggers to do this. Hands up please.

Boom that’s R38 000 for Liam’s education fund – and that’s just the first year.

………..we are going to poke the recession in the eye. What better birthday gift could we give to Wenchy.



“Lent for Liam” can be found on FaceBook


I have no words to thank you…. You are an angel Meriel.

We have never met, yet you reached out to me and Liam to provide him with the best care going forward. The list feels overwhelmed at time… but your generosity of spirit alone has touched me incredibly deeply.

Liam has ADHD, suffers from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and is on medication for depression, concentration an anti-psychotic as he has bouts of hallucinations. A learning disability has also been diagnosed.

He is currently in a main stream environment where he is not coping and required remedial assistance on a weekly basis (as that is all I can provide at the moment), there is a professional who acts as Liam’s “scribe” since he cannot articulate the information he knows into writing, an education psychologist meets with Liam weekly and he attend a psychiatric hospital monthy to oversee his medication…. all which I struggle to provide with limited resources.

I’m petrified for Liam going to High School because there is no way he would remotely cope emotionally, academically or socially. Remedial care has been suggested by more than one professional caring for Liam.

I found a government school which will be able to help with Liam’s needs… I’m getting all the (many) forms filled in, doctors recommendations etc to make application to the school, although I’ve been told there is a long waiting list… and private education is just totally over anything I could ever manage on my own… so I am making application and hoping they will accept him.

I really have no words. Thank you isn’t enough.

Liam’s Mom.

Sunday, 07 June 2009

My Sucky Weekend

On Friday night we went to my grandparents to have some soup. Whenever they want us to visit my grandfather phones with promises of soup. He knows food lures Rudi...and well I don't really need luring. I'm blogging from home since I anticipate work is going to suck again tomorrow. Every day they take at least half our team to help out that portfolio I hate, saying we're 'overstaffed'. Meanwhile, this just puts more pressure on us to work harder and I feel like we're working at a pace we cannot maintain without burning out.

On Saturday we drove all the way to Somerset West to have a braai with Lindor. It was his 41st birthday. Of course I was bored out of my mind the ENTIRE time and more than annoyed. I didn't really want to go in the first place...but again didn't want to be the bad guy. Of course everyone else got shitfaced and I stayed sober since it was a very long drive home on a road riddled with roadworks.

The whole day Rudi was threatening to throw people in the pool. Predictably, he got shoved into the pool. With his phone in his pocket. I was SO freaking angry! Such an expensive childish prank! PLUS all his clothes were drenched and it's not like he brought extra clothes with him. He couldn't understand why I was mad at him. If he had kept his trap shut, nobody would have considered throwing anyone in the pool, it is winter after all! Needless to say his phone is completely screwed. It also turns out he sold the spare phone he had. So now he has NO phone. No way for me to contact him. No way for him to contact me and tell me whether he will be on time or late to pick me up at work. In my panic to get his battery out of his phone (the first thing you should do if your phone falls into water) I walked into a thatch lapa. The specific corner of the thatch has chicken wire over it and I now have a lovely gash in my forehead. It's not huge, but it's there and very obvious. I was asked a million times today what happened to my head. Rudi thinks I'm completely irrational...whereas I feel I have good reason to be completely annoyed! To crown it all we got lost on the way home. I HATE being lost. I never drive out that way so I had no idea where we were and Rudi was very much so 'under the weather' so he wasn't of much help. He directed us to Gordon's Bay...luckily I picked it up before we got all the way there. So my Saturday sucked crack.

Next weekend will also suck crack since I'm working the entire weekend. Then I'm working alone on the public holiday on the 16th of June. No chance of getting out of work early like in the good old days.

Today wasn't too bad. Rudi went with me to church (a miracle in itself) and we had lunch with his parents after. A relaxed day all in all. I can't believe I had to go to work again tomorrow...and the day after that and the next 10 days after that. Farg.

Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Body Thrills

Ok. So I'm going to pimp some product. Because I must!

Remember I referred to an order I was excited about? I ordered Body Thrills for myself, Rudi and Nellie. I had to keep it hush hush since I was only seeing Nellie last weekend and didn't want to ruin the surprise. Here is what I ordered:

See details of my order here.

I've just place another order and I'm SO excited to receive it. I also bought some gifts for my cousin who will be coming home from London at the end of July. Yay! These are AWESOME gifts. ExMi doesn't use any soap or any additives. Her products are all natural, not tested on animals and LOVELY! I had much trouble deciding what I wanted for my first order, but not so much with the second.

I can highly recommend the Chocolate Pudding shower gel. It literally smells like you are covering your body in chocolate. What can be more decadent than that?! The Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang bath tea that I bought for Nellie smelled DIVINE! We didn't have a bath while we were away, so I didn't get to try it and I prefer to shower at home.

I've ordered some more Chocolate Pudding shower gel for myself, plus some new products I'd like to try like Chocolate Pudding Body Polish (like an exfoliating body scrub). She also has Bedroom Thrills...

If you're interested, you can e-mail her at She'll send you the latest product and price list.
You can view previously completed orders (including mine) at
International and local orders welcome!