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Wednesday, 08 July 2009

All about throwing up

Yesterday I broke my throwing up record. Twice in one day. I know it doesn't seem like much, but throwing up twice a day is traumatic, OK? The first time it was just as I got out of bed. Nothing in my stomach, which is what I'm used to. If you don't know what bile tastes like, pop an E on an empty stomach. Ok, so I can't really encourage drug use on my blog, but you get what I'm saying. Yummy. What a way to start your day. I was hoping that I was done for the day having gotten it behind me first thing in the morning, alas it was not to be.

After work we went shopping for some groceries and I had to push Rudi to just get the bare minimum so we could leave as soon as possible. I was not feeling the shopping vibe. It's strange, the worst feeling of nausea always hits me around the same spot on the way home. I think it's part psychological. I know in my mind I will soon be at home in the privacy of my own bathroom with my own toilet and then it will be OK to barf. Loudly. As I tend to. I have never thrown up in public or at anyone else's house. Not even in the car. While I was pregnant anyway.

When we arrived home I felt better though and had a chocolate milkshake. I was sitting playing with Rudi's new phone (his old one completely gave up the ghost after the encounter with the pool) and had to get up to make the white sauce for our mac and cheese dinner (I am the white sauce QUEEN!). There it came. Suddenly.

I know from previous experience that chocolate B-fast turns pink in your stomach while it's digesting (weird, huh?). Chocolate milk it seems, doesn't.

I must say, this pregnancy, this "morning" sickness....everything just feels much more like I expected it to be. With James I was so sick ALL THE TIME that I really, really considered offing myself eventually. This time it is so much more manageable. I am very grateful for that.

My jeans don't fit me anymore. I need pants man! The lovely Tertia has said I can come and have a look at her maternity clothes, which I definitely will. I have 4 pants that currently fit me, which means I have to wear once pair at least twice in a work week. Not cool! I'll also be able to meet her and the infamous Max when I go to have a look. Yay!

All this taken into consideration - I AM HAPPY! I am in awe of the miracle that is taking place inside me. I was having visions of sperm meeting egg yesterday (like they show on TV) and thinking about how very lucky I am.



AngelConradie said...

I hope it eases up some.

Jeanette said...

Hope it stops after the 1st trimester.
I don't know where I've been and why I missed the announcement, but HUGE congratulations!!

Louisa said...

I don't know if this will help at all or not, but I have noticed that since I got pregnant I now suddenly get car sick - which NEVER happened to me before. I feel best when I drive myself, if I can't do that then I NEED to sit in front with the window open a bit.

Good luck with the throwing up... :-)