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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Weekend So Far

Failed at sleeping late this morning. I freaking hate when that happens. I can *only* sleep late on a Saturday because I have church on Sunday mornings and next weekend I'm working *sigh* I HATE working weekends.

We went to go watch Harry Potter with Leebeesa today. I really enjoyed the movie. I cried snot and trane at the end, but since I had read the book I expected as much.

My domain is live and my template is being worked on. I hope to launch my site next week some time. All depends on how long it takes to get the template the way I like it. I finally got my photos scanned in and mailed them off to my template designer to add in. It's going to be much easier to see how my site is going to look once the photos are also in. This will also probably help him to design as he'll get a better idea of the colours and things that are involved. I'm SO excited!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing my second cousin, Carmen, for the first time since December. She's come over from the UK to visit. I don't know if she'll be here this year December. I expect not. I'm bought her some Body Thrills and rumour has it she has brought baby gifts!

Speaking of which:

Gifts from Aunty Leebeesa :)

A baby grow and dummy I bought (both Eeyore :))

Anyway...Off to watch another movie with Rudi...on the couch this time.

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AngelConradie said...

We had a date today, and thought we'd go and see HP, but it was sold out and the place was so full of kids on the last Saturday before the schools reopened that we couldn't hear ourselves think and got very annoyed very quickly. We bought a coupla DVDs and came home instead.