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Friday, 30 May 2008


I'm not sure why, but lately I've been suffering under extremes.

On Saturday when we were in Knysna I was having such a lovely time. It was as if I was in a dream - after which the day turned into a nightmare. Rudi and I fought and I was very upset. The Sunday we had such a wonderful experience with the Knysna elephants, but the day turned out to be crap because of the electricity issue.

Yesterday I was over the moon because I achieved something that I have been striving towards for a long time and my entire day was ruined by my supervisor. I was excited about going to see our new building, but decided not to go for fear of my supervisor's wrath (my supervisor will be referred to as Jubba from now on). Jubba is great with customers and he can be really understanding. He has shown me that side of him. He can also be a freaking nightmare. He has had so many women in my department in tears because of the way he handles most situations. He puts the fear of God in you and then expects you to smile and comply. I didn't go to see the new building because I was afraid he would be upset as there would be too many people out of the office at the same time. Later on our specialist abducted me and we went to go and see the new building. It's beautiful, I will download and post the pictures at some point.

Perhaps I need to deal with situation differently. Perhaps kharma spots me being happy and decides to throw some crap at me because for some reason I don't deserve to be enjoying myself or to be happy. Stupid kharma.

I had my hair done yesterday. I paid a fortune to have it done. I had an appointment for 17:30, but arrived a little earlier. I only walked out of the salon at 21:00. Are they kidding me?! I had two people blow drying my hair near the end as the salon had already closed at 20:00 and everyone was eager to go home! Rudi complimented me on my hair and meant it, which made it all worthwhile. The only other time I paid so much to have my hair done was for my wedding.

I'm really tired, but I'm working this weekend so I'll have to suck it up and keep going. *yawn*

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Happiness is...

I am so happy I could jump up and down, sing and twirl around!

A colleague just gave me a lift to my bank branch and I FINALLY paid off my overdraft! R4 000 less debt in one big chop! I took out the overdraft originally to assist with my trip overseas (which I should never have taken in the first place). That was almost 5 years ago. I was meant to pay it back as soon as I got back, but that never happened. I've been living on revolving credit for AGES. Today I did it. Today I paid it off and closed it. I spoke about this liberating feeling before...I feel almost physically lighter (I wish THAT was the case!)

It all starts with baby steps. I made a decision this morning that I would be saving towards having lasic eye surgery. Discovery Health (my medical aid) deems lasic eye surgery as 'cosmetic' and doesn't cover it. I'm not quite sure how they equate being able to see to being vain...but who am I to judge? They would rather fork out thousands a year on contact lenses or new glasses. Idiots.

The second thing I am stoked about is my new camera:

It's a Fuji Finepix F480 8.2MP camera. It has all sorts of features that I still needs to figure out. I'm especially enjoying the macro feature on it right now. My photography skills are seriously lacking, but maybe having a decent camera will help. Something else I love about it is that it does not work with normal AA batteries, but has a lithium ion battery.

I'm also a bit excited about the move happening at work. Our department (and a few others) is moving to a new building which has been revamped for us. Right now I'm sitting in a windowless office and the new building apparently has wonderful big windows that let in lots of light. Colleagues that have seen the new building have said it is very smart, but that our desks are considerably smaller than they currently are. We're not currently sitting at full sized's hard to imagine them being any smaller. I'll take pictures (with my new camera) of the old office and the new and then I'll decide. I should be going to see the new building some time today.

There are some issues with the new building, it's only a block away but in a considerably more dangerous area. Currently we enjoy completely secure parking, whereas the new building has no secure parking. This is a big concern for the employees because of the risk the new area poses. The company has offered a shuttle service every 15 minutes, but as some of the people going there are shift workers and work over weekends this might not cater for everybody at all times.

I'm sure everything will work out in the end. I'm just going to chill on Cloud 9 here for a while.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Knysna Photos

Our trip to Knysna was delightful for the most part, except that Rudi and I argued most of Saturday...strangely enough right after I wrote my last happy post.

On Sunday when we woke up there was no electricity. We called the contact person for our accomodation and she informed us that the electricity would be off till 6PM. We decided to go out and about till then and went to see the Knysna Elephants. When we got back we discovered that all the stores and restaurants in Knysna were closed, even the KFC!

We drove around until we discovered that the waterfront had a generator and had something to eat there. After that we really had nothing to do so we went back to where we were staying to chill out. After 6PM the electricity still hadn't come on and by 8PM we decided to take a drive to see if we could find out what was happening (and to beat the boredom!). The entire town was blanketed in darkness. It was quite scary driving around. Finally we saw a light at a tiny store and went in to get some food and drink. The owner of the store told us the electricity went off for maintenance purposes at first, but would only be back up at 10PM due to unforseen complications.

Having wasted almost the entire day we were quite despondant. The electricity finally came on around 22:15. We were quite relieved as we wanted to charge our cell phones and my new camera's battery before the trip home.

The ride home wasn't too bad, we drove for about 5 and a half hours. It was lovely getting home to our friends and Amber :)

I've uploaded the photos to facebook (don't worry, you don't need to be registered to view them), you can see them here.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Finally Knysna

This was taken from the John Benn

This chrome statue is called 'Zephyr'

This was also taken while we were on our cruise

You can see the John Benn on the left with the wood finishes

We enjoyed a cocktail just before boarding

We're finally in Knysna. The drive that we took wasn't too bad. Rudi drove all the way through and we made pretty good time. Even though we kind of got lost at some point. I bought a new camera which I am really stoked about. While the battery was charging I used my grandfather's old camera that he loaned to us. We were going to see the Knysna Elephants today, but decided to rather wait until my camera was fully functional before doing so. We just got home and noticed the battery is charged, but it's a little late to go to the Elephants now.

The camera I bought is supposedly usually priced around R3 000, but it has been discontinued so it was on offer for R1 100. It's a 8.2MP camera that works with a lithium ion battery. As far as I've seen it's pretty cool! I also bought a 1GB memory card for our trip. My grandfather's old camera only has a 16MB memory card and was full halfway through the first day!

Earlier we went to the Knysna Waterfront and went on a one and a half hour cruise to the Knysna heads on a boat called the John Benn. You can see it in one of the pictures I'm posting.

Tomorrow we're going to head up out to the Elephants and we're going to go to Plettenberg Bay to see if we can spot some whales as it is whale season here and we should be lucky to see some.

It's so beautiful and peaceful here in Knysna. I think I want to come and retire here. Anybody would do well to do so!

I'm going to be off again. Lots to see and do here...oh dear, I think Rudi's gone off to find a pub...

While the images are uploading I think I'll fiddle with my new camera!

Monday, 19 May 2008


Image courtesy of

Doesn't it look idyllic? This is where Rudi and I will be spending this weekend. I'm SO excited. I cannot wait to go there...I'm just wondering what on earth I'm going to do with Rudi in the car for SIX HOURS while driving there and driving back. Does anybody have any suggestions? I suppose I'll take with a bunch of CD's to listen to (not that we have THAT many), maybe we can play "I Spy" or something.

I'm dreading having to pack. I suck at packing. I pack an entire suitcase for an overnight stay and I always forget something important. Perhaps I should make a list of items that I need to pack and the amount of each item. Can you imagine?

1 x toothbrush
1 x sponge
1 x shampoo
1 x conditioner

Don't be fooled! I need to write down the most obvious things because I will forget something really important (and obvious). Should I take towels? We're staying in a self catering unit. They usually have towels and bedding at the very least.

I better go home and look for the booking confirmation. I know exactly where I put it, but I think the housekeeper might have moved it. I'm going to put a reminder on my phone right now...because like I said, I will forget something really important and obvious.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Finally Friday

My baby's paws

It has been a rough and bumpy week at work. I've been swamped and it's been really difficult keeping up. Sometimes I work well under pressure, other times I struggle to cope. The fact that I haven't shot anyone or myself bodes well.

The new product we've launched has my department inundated with queries and there has been a bad vibe at work as well. My colleagues seem to think I'm a suck up because I do what I'm asked by my line manager without grumbling about it or refusing to do it. Last time I check that was called insubordination and my line manager isn't afraid to use that word. Now they seem to think I'm making them look bad because I do my job. Where is the logic?

I went to collect the items I had dropped off for dry cleaning/dyeing/repairs yesterday. The jeans that had the bleach marks on them came back and they look wonderful! They look even better than when I originally bought them. What a bargain! The shoes have the new heels on, which is great. The suede jacket still has the mark on it that I wanted removed. I'm disappointed, but decided to live with it rather than bitch about it. It's a nice jacket, hopefully nobody will notice.

They are replacing our PCs at work today. Usually this would be a joyous occasion, but they are replacing our PCs with machines that have been altered so that we cannot save items on the desktop or use the USB ports. They reckon the PC problems caused in The Company are due to people saving movies, music and applications on their PCs that shouldn't be there. Idiots. Their stupid applications don't work properly, so they look for excuses to nail us. No MSN, no Facebook...what next? No monitor? Just now I see something non work related during the course of my day...

I cannot wait till home time today. I want to relax this weekend and forget about the problems The Company burdens me with all week.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

*Happy Dance*

I'm in a considerably better mood today. I'm having a pretty good hair day and it's already one day closer to the weekend. Other news has considerably cheered me too. A loan company decided to call me today and try to palm off some accident cover on me. The sales person was really persistent and I was really glad that I could say "No, thank you".

I used to have serious issues with saying "No" to people. I used to feel guilty and say yes to make the person feel better. How stupid was I? I can't tell you the number of policies and club memberships I've signed up for, despite not wanting to.

This bloke inspired me to call the call centre and find out how many more excruciating months I would have to pay the loan I took out for My Evil Mother. One. Yes, one! May will be the last month that R355.87 will be deducted from my bank account for this loan. I nearly jumped out of my chair! That's enough money to have my hair done once a month! That will cover water and electricity for a month. That payment has been like a lead weight in my pocket for three years now and I am ecstatic to see it go!

The more debt I pay off, the more empowered and wealthy I feel. As we receive a bonus from The Company this month I've been thinking about paying off my overdraft as well. I would love to take that little - away in front of my bank balance for good!

After that my credit cards need to be paid and I am officially debt free! Of course I'll still be paying my car off, but that is 'acceptable' debt because cars are WAY too expensive to pay cash.

It looks like I can start planning my debt free celebration!

I've also started saving slowly. I've never saved in my life. I was never taught to save and I have taught myself little by little. I've saved enough money for our trip to Knysna and I will still have money to spare.

There was a time in my life where I had no savings, was depressed by so much debt I couldn't see myself digging my way out and feeling like I have no hope. There is light!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Deep Blue Monday

Image courtesy of

This is just one of those Mondays. I had a crappy query waiting for me when I walked in the door. Not to mention that The Company has launched a new product which is a load of bullshit - for which my team and I are dealing with the complaints.

Customers can really complain about the biggest load of crap. They also won't hesitate to tell you their whole life story/sob story about death in the family and when you follow the process stipulated by the company (i.e. doing my job) they start threatening you with the media, etc.

Truth? I couldn't give a fuck if you go to Time Magazine. You're probably only going to get published in 'Die Son' ('The Voice') which publishes drivel anyway. More power to you - now leave me alone!

OK, I'm going to go and vent somewhere else. I hope everyone else is having a better day than me.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Busy Saturday

It looks like I have been out voted on the hair issue. Every body has said that they prefer me with blonde hair. Who am I to argue with the masses? We live in a democracy, after all. It looks like I will remain blonde and keep on forking out hundreds of rands to remain that way.

It's completely overcast outside and a wonderful day to stay in bed and watch movies. We had an awesome braai (BBQ) with the neighbourhood last night and I actually managed to sleep till 7:50 this morning, which is a nice change. I stayed in bed till about 8:30 and then became industrious and decided to clean up and fix little things that have been nagging at me for a while.

Rudi asked me ages ago to burn a couple of movies on to DVD for a colleague of his and I've just never gotten around to it. We always remember to do it at the most awkward times. The first time I tried to burn it the burning failed for some reason, but I'm retrying it now with my fingers crossed.

I've also cleaned the kitchen (it looked like a bomb had hit it after the braai) and once again realized how grateful I am that I have a dishwasher. Rudi made us some breakfast and was nice enough to clean up his own mess :) Will wonders never cease?

Now I only have a few errands left to run...wrapping the mother's day gifts I bought yesterday, fixing the duvet (which seems to have been put in the duvet cover incorrectly) and putting the electric blanket on the bed. I also wanted to go to the mall to hand in my suede jacket for dry cleaning (which will cost R300!!), my jeans that were accidentally bleached for dyeing and my shoes to have the heels repaired.

Maybe I should stop buggering around and get busy!

Friday, 09 May 2008


It's been a rough week, TGIF

Today is a day of relief for me! I'm relieved that the week is over and that I am off this weekend. I can't wait to sleep late till 07:30 tomorrow morning. I feel very tired and I hope that I will get some rest this weekend.

I could *kiss* my brown boots. I hobbled out of work yesterday. Last time I checked, hobbling was not sexy, no matter how hot your boots are. Sarah is still trying to convince me it will be better if I just keep wearing them, I'm still trying to convince myself to wear them again. So today I am decidedly comfortable in my new brown boots. They have a 5 and a half centimetre wedge heel which feels like I am walking on air in comparison to my new black boots.

On the other hand my hair has been driving me nuts. My roots are growing out again and I'm all out of patience with the maintenance. I've considered asking a hair stylist to dye my hair the colour of my roots because I have no intention of growing it out or shaving my head. Growing my natural colour out would take more than 5 years I'll bet and before that time has passed I will have attacked it with peroxide once more. My natural colour is dark blonde/light brown (as far as I remember), but it is also a lot darker than I have been wearing my hair for many years. Blonde hair suits me, it really does and I love my hair at the moment - I just couldn't be bothered with the cost and effort of maintaining it.

It costs me between R300 and R450 to colour my hair. Every time. Regardless of whether I'm touching up my roots or whether I'm having my hair coloured, cut and styled. I am willing to bet that the price has increased (along with inflation/fuel costs/food costs, etc.) since I last had my hair done.

Deep down inside I am a girly-girl (despite the fact that I can't seem to cope with heels) and I don't like having my roots show and looking grungy.

*sigh* I think I might just take the plunge and make it my 'natural colour'.


The girls in our team went to the shops during lunch. I decided to join them as I had not yet bought a mother's day gift for My Evil Mother or my grandmother. I managed to pick up something for each of them...and of course, a gift from me to me:

Thursday, 08 May 2008

Going Loco

Image courtesy of Flor Del Aqua

I must have seriously lost my mind. If anybody sees it, please keep it captive and post a comment. We can work out the logistics one you've found it.

Last night I wore the sexy black boots to church. I forgot that the service starts with about 15 minutes of standing. Pure unadulterated standing. When I got home I unzipped feet were still screaming 'Not the mommy!' - they hate me.

So what do I do this morning? I put them on again. I co-ordinated my outfit to match my boots again and I wore them again. I've decided to test the theory that I'll 'get used to it'. I don't buy that bull for one second! I only have this pair though, so I'm not sure if I should buy different pairs - to vary my wardrobe and 'get used to them' - or whether I should wear them as much as possible (even at home) as recommended by a colleague. Is this how shoe addictions start?

So this morning I have no mind and there is a fire in my boot. It burns!

Check out this article about the effects of wearing high heels.

Wednesday, 07 May 2008


Here goes my day so far:

05:30 - Snooze alarm
06:05 - Drag self out of bed
06:23 - Put on new black super sexy boots
06:25 - New black super sexy boots are killing me
07:53 - New black super sexy boots are still killing me

O.M.G. What is it with women? What the fuck is wrong with woman?! Why do we torture ourselves with heels up to our asses?'s not SUCH a high heel, but I've been living in flats for years, now THIS.

Sure, these shoes look HOT. I <3 how they look, but I'm sure the expression on my face everytime I stand up is seriously negating my 'look'.

I have a question for the ladies out there...can your feet really get used to this? I think it is highly unlikely.

I initially intended to wear the boots to church tonight as well, but I don't know if I'm going to make it.

Luckily I sit on my ass at work all day and I am not really required to walk around much, but at church I have to stand through the hymns (which have doubled for me as a choir member) and prayers which may prove to be a little more difficult than I anticipated.

On that I would like to answer a question that Peas On Toast posed on her blog post today:

'Second question: If you wear fuck off gorgeous winter boots with stockings and mini skirts as your new “Winter Look,” whilst attending to admin, does it make it easier?'

The answer is NO, Peas. NO! It will make your day THAT much more difficult! Admin requires pyjamas and fluffy pink slippers with butterflies on.

Tuesday, 06 May 2008


It seems that winter is upon us! Last night gale force winds were howling outside making it difficult to sleep. It sounded like the house was going to blow down! It was also super chilly when we awoke this morning. When I opened the car door the wind blew it shut, as if sharing my sentiment about not going to work.

One thing I've been worried about is not having any winter shoes. A colleague told me that she found boots that will fit us and I convinced Sarah to come shopping with me. Sarah is a great dresser (and of course has a body to die for) and I wanted her opinion. Sarah is also a great shopper (not in the bargain hunting sense) and I ended up buying TWO pairs of shoes! They were expensive, but I wear shoes for a long time generally so I'm sure I'll get alot of use out of them.

The first pair of boots I bought are brown:

The second pair are super sexy black heels:

I <3 my new shoes! I don't usually wear heels, but I made a decision a while ago to try and dress less frumpy and to become used to wearing shoes with heels again.

I also bought myself a new pair of black pants and a stunning white collared shirt. I really wanted a nice white shirt for church as I've had to borrow a white shirt from my grandmother and aunt when we have special services. Come to think of it I've spent a lot of money on clothes this month. No matter, I deserve it!

I think I'll wear my sexy black heels, black pants and white shirt to work tomorrow. It's just nice to dress up some times!

Monday, 05 May 2008

Wedding Photos!

Since blogger is not showing me the images in my actual post editing block I cannot label them correctly, but these are photos taken at the second wedding I attended on 19 April.

As you can see it was an outdoor wedding and the bride looked absolutely stunning. She was hysterical the night before because it was raining, it was even raining the morning of the wedding, but the heavens opened up and the weather was beautiful.


I'm feeling really happy today. This feeling doesn't usually last very long with me so I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible! I've got a nice song in my head and I feel like bouncing around everywhere. Lovely!

Working the weekend wasn't too bad. I'm just really glad it's over. I feel like I sort of have an edge over everyone that had to drag themselves to work this morning after a 4 day long weekend. I've already gotten into the rythm of coming to work, so I don't feel like I've just returned from a holiday.

There's a Sex Expo on this weekend and Rudi and I might go. I mentioned it to him in passing a while ago and this morning he randomly brought it up again. That should be fun! Pricasso (the penile artist) and Miss Nude Australia are going to be there.

I wonder if we should go to the expo and spend R200.00 on tickets or just go to a sex shop and spend the money there.

How many of you are thinking I'm a freak right now?

Saturday, 03 May 2008

W/end Blues

Work wasn't too bad yesterday. The colleague that is working with me the weekend decided to sacrifice his public holiday and come in to help me. I was so happy I could have kissed him! Luckily there were no major problems so it went pretty smoothly.

I still have to work today, tomorrow and then the rest of the week. At least from Monday the team will be here to help us out.

According to our schedule I shouldn't be working another public holiday this year. YAY! I'll also be going to Knysna before I work a weekend at work again. I can't believe that time has flown so! When Rudi's parents initially booked the weekend it seemed so far away, now it is around the corner!

I can't wait :)