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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Busy Saturday

It looks like I have been out voted on the hair issue. Every body has said that they prefer me with blonde hair. Who am I to argue with the masses? We live in a democracy, after all. It looks like I will remain blonde and keep on forking out hundreds of rands to remain that way.

It's completely overcast outside and a wonderful day to stay in bed and watch movies. We had an awesome braai (BBQ) with the neighbourhood last night and I actually managed to sleep till 7:50 this morning, which is a nice change. I stayed in bed till about 8:30 and then became industrious and decided to clean up and fix little things that have been nagging at me for a while.

Rudi asked me ages ago to burn a couple of movies on to DVD for a colleague of his and I've just never gotten around to it. We always remember to do it at the most awkward times. The first time I tried to burn it the burning failed for some reason, but I'm retrying it now with my fingers crossed.

I've also cleaned the kitchen (it looked like a bomb had hit it after the braai) and once again realized how grateful I am that I have a dishwasher. Rudi made us some breakfast and was nice enough to clean up his own mess :) Will wonders never cease?

Now I only have a few errands left to run...wrapping the mother's day gifts I bought yesterday, fixing the duvet (which seems to have been put in the duvet cover incorrectly) and putting the electric blanket on the bed. I also wanted to go to the mall to hand in my suede jacket for dry cleaning (which will cost R300!!), my jeans that were accidentally bleached for dyeing and my shoes to have the heels repaired.

Maybe I should stop buggering around and get busy!

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