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Friday, 30 May 2008


I'm not sure why, but lately I've been suffering under extremes.

On Saturday when we were in Knysna I was having such a lovely time. It was as if I was in a dream - after which the day turned into a nightmare. Rudi and I fought and I was very upset. The Sunday we had such a wonderful experience with the Knysna elephants, but the day turned out to be crap because of the electricity issue.

Yesterday I was over the moon because I achieved something that I have been striving towards for a long time and my entire day was ruined by my supervisor. I was excited about going to see our new building, but decided not to go for fear of my supervisor's wrath (my supervisor will be referred to as Jubba from now on). Jubba is great with customers and he can be really understanding. He has shown me that side of him. He can also be a freaking nightmare. He has had so many women in my department in tears because of the way he handles most situations. He puts the fear of God in you and then expects you to smile and comply. I didn't go to see the new building because I was afraid he would be upset as there would be too many people out of the office at the same time. Later on our specialist abducted me and we went to go and see the new building. It's beautiful, I will download and post the pictures at some point.

Perhaps I need to deal with situation differently. Perhaps kharma spots me being happy and decides to throw some crap at me because for some reason I don't deserve to be enjoying myself or to be happy. Stupid kharma.

I had my hair done yesterday. I paid a fortune to have it done. I had an appointment for 17:30, but arrived a little earlier. I only walked out of the salon at 21:00. Are they kidding me?! I had two people blow drying my hair near the end as the salon had already closed at 20:00 and everyone was eager to go home! Rudi complimented me on my hair and meant it, which made it all worthwhile. The only other time I paid so much to have my hair done was for my wedding.

I'm really tired, but I'm working this weekend so I'll have to suck it up and keep going. *yawn*

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