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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

*Happy Dance*

I'm in a considerably better mood today. I'm having a pretty good hair day and it's already one day closer to the weekend. Other news has considerably cheered me too. A loan company decided to call me today and try to palm off some accident cover on me. The sales person was really persistent and I was really glad that I could say "No, thank you".

I used to have serious issues with saying "No" to people. I used to feel guilty and say yes to make the person feel better. How stupid was I? I can't tell you the number of policies and club memberships I've signed up for, despite not wanting to.

This bloke inspired me to call the call centre and find out how many more excruciating months I would have to pay the loan I took out for My Evil Mother. One. Yes, one! May will be the last month that R355.87 will be deducted from my bank account for this loan. I nearly jumped out of my chair! That's enough money to have my hair done once a month! That will cover water and electricity for a month. That payment has been like a lead weight in my pocket for three years now and I am ecstatic to see it go!

The more debt I pay off, the more empowered and wealthy I feel. As we receive a bonus from The Company this month I've been thinking about paying off my overdraft as well. I would love to take that little - away in front of my bank balance for good!

After that my credit cards need to be paid and I am officially debt free! Of course I'll still be paying my car off, but that is 'acceptable' debt because cars are WAY too expensive to pay cash.

It looks like I can start planning my debt free celebration!

I've also started saving slowly. I've never saved in my life. I was never taught to save and I have taught myself little by little. I've saved enough money for our trip to Knysna and I will still have money to spare.

There was a time in my life where I had no savings, was depressed by so much debt I couldn't see myself digging my way out and feeling like I have no hope. There is light!

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