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Friday, 16 May 2008

Finally Friday

My baby's paws

It has been a rough and bumpy week at work. I've been swamped and it's been really difficult keeping up. Sometimes I work well under pressure, other times I struggle to cope. The fact that I haven't shot anyone or myself bodes well.

The new product we've launched has my department inundated with queries and there has been a bad vibe at work as well. My colleagues seem to think I'm a suck up because I do what I'm asked by my line manager without grumbling about it or refusing to do it. Last time I check that was called insubordination and my line manager isn't afraid to use that word. Now they seem to think I'm making them look bad because I do my job. Where is the logic?

I went to collect the items I had dropped off for dry cleaning/dyeing/repairs yesterday. The jeans that had the bleach marks on them came back and they look wonderful! They look even better than when I originally bought them. What a bargain! The shoes have the new heels on, which is great. The suede jacket still has the mark on it that I wanted removed. I'm disappointed, but decided to live with it rather than bitch about it. It's a nice jacket, hopefully nobody will notice.

They are replacing our PCs at work today. Usually this would be a joyous occasion, but they are replacing our PCs with machines that have been altered so that we cannot save items on the desktop or use the USB ports. They reckon the PC problems caused in The Company are due to people saving movies, music and applications on their PCs that shouldn't be there. Idiots. Their stupid applications don't work properly, so they look for excuses to nail us. No MSN, no Facebook...what next? No monitor? Just now I see something non work related during the course of my day...

I cannot wait till home time today. I want to relax this weekend and forget about the problems The Company burdens me with all week.

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