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Friday, 05 September 2008

Bit of This and That

I receive this gift from The Original Gunslinger (and his lady sai I'm sure), for my chap (the baby) today:

Isn't it cute?! It's blue, but Eeyore has a pink rose in his mouth so I'm sure it could go either way :)

I'm back at work and as practically as soon as I walked in here I started feeling nauseous again. I'm starting to wonder if my body just doesn't like being at work. I think it's QUITE possible.

The house is pretty much sorted out. Just one room is still in chaos, but I'll sort that out soon.

I can't wait to get Amber out of the house...the litterbox (more specifically the smell of the litterbox) is driving me to vomit! I think we'll try and get her out today...or at least put the litterbox on the balcony.

We had our first braai (bbq) at our new place last night. It was cosy and really nice. I'm starting to <3 my new home!

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