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Thursday, 18 September 2008


I've been feeling a LITTLE bit better since yesterday. Not exactly my old self, but a little better. The nausea seems to be subsiding a bit and I'm REALLY glad about that. I hope it lasts!

Last night I had a salad for supper with some ceaser salad dressing (I am LOVING salad at the moment, specifically cucumber, tomato and feta). The salad dressing was very vinegary and I got a little heartburn from it. Hopefully not a sign of things to come! I'm hoping that I can skip the heartburn thing, but I doubt I will be that fortunate. Some Gaviscon sorted it right out though.

I've been thinking about buying a cot soon. I think we're going to get a nice camp cot. We don't have space for a wooden cot and a camp cot will be handy when we're going out as well. Wooden cots are beautiful, but they are also quite pricey and take up a lot of space. Especially if you 'have' to get both. I think a camp cot is more versatile and can be used when travelling. We don't travel much, but we could take it with when we visit people, keeping the baby in a safe environment for people that haven't baby proofed their homes!

I might be starting to get a little excited...

P.S. I found this out on Monday already, but it's not that important. My mother is getting married on the 19th of October. I honestly cannot see the benefit of her getting married to Coke Head and cannot fathom what is going on in her mind...but she's a grown up and I am not HER mommy.

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