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Wednesday, 03 September 2008


I've had insane headaches for the past 3 days. This morning it seems to have subsided. I haven't taken any tablets this morning, but I feel the pain looming under the surface. I decided not to take the tablets unless it's not bearable. The advice on baby center says I should try to drink more fluids as the headaches may be caused by dehydration. I've never been much of a drinker (of any liquid, alcoholic or not) but I'll try to get some water in to relieve the headaches at least. Perhaps I'll feel well enough to go to church this evening.

I managed to do nothing yesterday. The housekeeper is here today and I'll be taking her down to the other place to clean it up when she's done here. We should be all sorted then and ready to finally claim our deposit back.

There is an entire room full of junk that needs to be sorted out, but I don't feel like doing it. Apparently you're supposed to have loads of energy in your second trimester. I'll do it then.

Speaking of which, I'm 12 weeks today! It's sort of a pregnancy milestone because it marks the end of the 'dangerous' period where most women are prone to miscarry and it also marks the end of your first trimester. That one went by in a flash. Apparently the second trimester is the best. An acquaintance that is due in two weeks time told me that the first three and last three months are the worst. She's really tired right now so I understand her pessimism. I can't wait for the burst of energy though - bring it on!

I wish spring would hurry up. We've had one cold front after the other here and I am sick of winter. I'm going to be wishing for winter towards the end of my pregnancy as it will be stiflingly hot and I'll be uncomfortable beyond belief, but right now I've had enough of the cold!

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