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Friday, 26 September 2008


Sarah called us last night. The man who lived next door to us for two years (until very recently) passed away. It was such a shock. They found him in his flat, cold. Nobody knows how it happened or how long he had been that way. I know that he suffered from diabetes or something and that he had passed out for a day or two before and that the guy who lived across the road from us had found him unconscious. He lived alone. I saw him just last Friday. He looked happy and as healthy as he always did. He may have been around 50. He was talking about how he was spending time at his brother's house on weekends and how much he had been enjoying it.

This blog post goes out to you, Mike. May you rest in peace.


Miss T said...

It's lovely that you are remembering him though

acidicice said...

Thanks, miss t. He did play a role in my life and I think it is important to remember people. I know I would want to be remembered.