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Wednesday, 01 October 2008


Unfortunately I don't mean that I'm stoned*, I mean I actually baked. There were some old bananas in the fridge so the idea to bake a banana loaf crept into my mind yesterday. I was off, so I managed to dig out my baking utensils and blow off all the dust and cobwebs that had gathered. Surprisingly enough I had all the required ingredients, I just didn't have the baking tins. Rudi made a turn by his mother after work and she gave me her two new baking tins (small loaf tins).

The smell eminating from our place last night was absolutely divine! Rudi went out to buy electricity at some points and when he came back he said he was able to smell it from downstairs. I baked two small loaves. They are delicious! I might even be inspired to bake some more! Rudi has been nagging for us to bake some kind of bread for a couple of weeks now already. Now he wants onion and feta bread. Perhaps I've started something I might regret :)

Other than that the pregnancy is moving along rather inconspicuously. My skin is awfully dry and I tend to itch. I've been putting on some cocoa butter oil after showering that seems to have helped for some parts of me. I have bio oil, but I hate slathering it on. *shudder* I'm not particularly phased by stretch marks since I already have them, but the itching is driving me nuts.

A colleague said to me today that someone told him to tell me that I don't need to dress in baggy clothes since my stomach isn't showing yet. Of course he wouldn't say who told him this. Weird thing is that I am still wearing my old clothes. I'm not wearing 'new' clothes or 'maternity' clothes. I know you can't see my stomach yet (just the old one that was there before) and I'm not consciously dressing to hide it. Not more than I was before anyway. People can be silly.

Another colleague has announced their pregnancy. It really seems like there's something in the air. There are at least 3 people at work and 3 people outside of work that I know of that are currently expecting.

I'm super excited about my next gynae appointment. We should be finding out the sex of the baby then. 19 days to go!

*Oh shut up. I know I can't get stoned.

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