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Monday, 06 October 2008

Social Life

I actually had a social life this weekend. I forgot how exhausting it can be!

On Friday we went to Sarah's 21st. The hall turned out really nicely and I think it was a great success! The DJ was awesome. He had smoke machines and lights for special effects. The platters were also really great! It seemed that everyone had a good time. I was able to observe all of this while sober. It's funny to watch people get progressively more and more drunk. Apparently there was some drama after I left, but I can't comment on any of that since I wasn't there.

On Saturday we had a dinner at Amber's house. The setting and everything was really beautiful. Everyone brought their own dish so there was a variety of food. There were mussels and mini cajun pizzas for starters. Chicken curry with rice and potato bake for main course. Malva pudding and cheesecake for dessert. Rudi and I didn't stay for dessert as I was feeling a little under the weather.

On Sunday Boogaloo came over with his new boyfriend. I haven't sized him up completely yet. So far I like him...but I'd like to get to know him better before I make a final decision.

I'm feeling OK. Had a bit of a nose bleed this morning and my gums are sore and swollen. Other than that the morning sickness has died down and I'm generally feeling a lot better. The baby is moving around, still not kicking and still not frequently.

My grandfather is taking some strain since he went for the chemo drip again last Thursday, but he's starting to improve again which is great. It usually only gets better from here.

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