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Thursday, 02 October 2008


I got a lovely surprise at work yesterday. Our friends that recently left for Amsterdam for an indefinite period of time returned to South Africa for good yesterday! They kept their return on the down low and surprised some of their friends (including us). We went out with them for drinks and a light dinner last night. Although we got home very late we had a really nice time. It was awesome seeing them again. Beauty Queen even bought baby's first dummy :)

Now back to the subject line. I feel like I've got enough air to fill a hot air balloon trapped inside me! I can hear it and feel it moving around. It's most uncomfortable and embarassing. It's also causing discomfort and pain. I'm pretty sure that this is just another pregnancy joy...I don't feel like I'm constipated or's just this...AIR.

I'll have some all bran for breakfast, just in case.

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