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Thursday, 02 October 2008

Stuff I forgot to blog about

The other night I had a dream that Rudi was cheating on me. Somehow in those dreams he is always doing it right in front of me and flaunting it. I can't even remember who it was with, but I woke up and was livid with him! I saw him lying there sleeping peacefully and wanted nothing more than to beat the living crap out of him. It took me a minute or two to realize that I had just had a realistic dream and didn't need to punch him in his sleep.

Last night after returning from our evening with Beauty Queen and SLK my car was giving me problems. I was SO upset. I bought my car in 2006 and have looked after it really well. I've taken it in for every service and made sure that extra parts are properly fitted. Nobody tampers under the hood except Opel. There was no problem with the car on the way there. I decided to drive home because Rudi had had a few to drink. Every time I slowed the car down to stop (taking my foot off the accelerator) the car would cut out. Repeatedly. It was so annoying as it was raining and dark and there were still quite a few other cars on the road. I had to put on my hazards repeatedly to warn people that I was 'stuck'. On the N1 Rudi told me to open it up and rev the car to 6000, 7000 revs. He made me do this a couple of times. Eventually started shouting at him because I didn't want to put the car into neutral while I was driving and he insisted that I do so. As we were almost home it seemed to stop cutting out. I was really freaked because I thought there is something serious wrong and that I would be stuck without a car, etc, etc. This morning the car was fine.

I spoke to CP about it and he said it was most likely a bubble in the fuel line. We had filled up yesterday and it's quite possible that there was a bubble somewhere that was causing the problem.

I am so sick of this rainy weather I could cry. We have had more rain this September in our region than we've had in 52 years. That's half a century! It's depressing. It's October already (a month into Spring) and it's still raining and cold. I'm SO OVER IT! They are hoping that the weather is going to clear up now and that we've seen the last of the cold fronts for a while. I hope so too.

I'm looking forward to Sarah's party tomorrow night. I still have to go and buy her a gift after work today. I still have no idea what I am going to get for her.

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