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Monday, 13 October 2008

Weekend Activities

The weekend was way too short.

Every weekend Rudi and I fight about Crack Head. Every weekend he wants to go there and I know exactly what's going to happen. No matter how many promises he makes and how he tries to convince me it will be different, it is always the same. He is never done there at the time he says he will be done. He never wants to leave when I want to leave and most of the time he ends up drunk.

On Friday he wanted to go to Crack Head. I threw a hissy fit and he begrudingly stayed. I told him to get lost since I didn't want him to be at home if he didn't want to be there...but he cooled off and we had a nice evening.

Saturday was time for My Evil Mother's pamper party. There were 5 people there. My aunt, myself, my grandmother, My Evil Mother and a lady from the church that is also invited to the wedding. We had tea and cake and talked nonsense. It was more of a gathering with small gifts for once person than anything else. No forfeits, no fun. I managed to steal the spotlight a little bit with the pregnancy :)

I told Rudi I would be done at around 17:00 and of course he wasn't done at that time (despite his insistence that he would be). Despite having been there since 12:30, apparently they hadn't finished braaing (BBQ) yet. I decided not to fight with him again since he'd already proven my point and called Beauty Queen to have a quick coffee. While her and I were having coffee she invited us for another braai (BBQ) at her in laws house with her husband SLK. We had a lovely evening there. Rudi broke the news to me that he had invited Crack head and his family over for a meal the next day. I was SO peeved. He knew I would have said no, which is probably why he didn't ask me. There was one condition. Crack Head's wife said if he didn't come home at a certain time he wouldn't be allowed to come over to our place. Luckily for me, Crack Head is as unreliable as Rudi in this regard and his wife put her foot down. Beauty Queen and SLK still came over though and we had a lovely lunch.

On Friday I received an e-mail from of her friends wanted to sell a TV stand. We didn't have a proper one and I really liked the one they were selling. On Sunday morning I managed to show Rudi a picture of it and we decided to buy it. I'm really chuffed with it. It looks awesome. We had all our stuff standing on mismatched furniture before and it is so much better now!

P.S. I'll have to load the picture later. Blogger isn't loading properly again :(

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