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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Spoilt Amber

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned how spoilt Amber (our cat) is. Mostly by Rudi. He is always referring to her as 'beautiful', 'sexy' or 'gorgeous' and insists on pampering her on a daily basis. We cannot sit or lie down without her being called to join us. At times I get irritated with it, but she's just a cat. He completely went over the top the other night though. We usually buy Whiskas with meaty nuggets for her, but often find that she leaves the meaty nuggets behind and eats the pellets around them, leading us to believe that she's not fond of the meaty nuggets (ironically the selling point of the brand). While feeding her Rudi actually sat and seperated the meaty nuggets from the rest of her food! For goodness sake! I thought this was both disgusting and hilarious.

It makes me wonder who is going to spoil our child more - me or him? Right now I think I'll probably be the more strict parent and he's going to be the 'good cop' all the time. Somehow I'm always the bad guy...

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