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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Scan pictures

Scan pictures! I'm still feeling queasy today. Have head a headache and a strange sore throat since last night. I really, really hope I'm not getting sick again as my medical aid is depleted for the year. All appointments and medication will have to be paid cash from now on. OUCH! Hopefully if I can figure out how to do my tax return I can get a rebate.

Jubba scanned these. I would have made them straight. For the record. You can click on the image for a closer look.


Anonymous said...

ah it's heartwarming, even though at that stage they still look like little aliens.

i hope you're keeping all these somewhere safe!

acidicice said...

:) Yes. It was amazing to see it move! Especially since there's something wriggling inside of me and I can't even feel it!

Miss T said...

must be really exciting actually seeing what you baby looks like...its all more real

acidicice said...

Hey miss t

In a sense it is more real, but I think it will really start sinking in once the baby starts moving. I'm almost not convinced - it's weird. Like I can't believe it unless I see it or feel it (morning sickness is definitely FEELING it, but your mind can rationalize anything).

Unknown said...

Aww, there's nothing better than scan pics :) Glad all went well with the appointment

acidicice said...

There might be one thing pics! :)