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Thursday, 12 February 2009


I am so tired I could just die! Working last weekend is catching up to me. It's my 11th consecutive day of work today and I'm a zombie.

My Evil Mother is being such a leech! She phoned me the other day - she wanted to borrow a swimming costume. Since she hasn't returned the last item of clothing I lent to her and refused to do so when I asked her I ignored her request. Then she calls me and asks me to check her e-mail at work to see if she has received any responses for her CV - I'm not supposed to surf at work, but she will start crying and 'Nobody loves me' if I don't do what she wants. Last night I go to church and now I have to pick her up for choir practice tonight - I now have to leave earlier and use extra petrol. Is she freaking kidding me? LEAVE ME ALONE! FFS. She NEVER calls me unless she wants something. I'm sick of being her 'go to' person for everything, especially since I don't get ANYTHING, not even emotional support from her.

Tomorrow is finally Friday. Although, I have a pile of ironing to do since the housekeeper hasn't been able to come. We managed to clean up well last night. Vacuum, mop and get all the washing done. Just the ironing left really. SO not in the mood. It's really hot as well which doesn't help.

I hope I'm going to have a good weekend this weekend. It is, after all, Valentine's Day on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I know it's hard but you should put your foot down, from all that you've written about your mother, she is simply a bad person, just because she gave birth to you doesn't mean you have to love her and always be there etc, you should get rid of this negative influence on your life, see you're a good person and you have a conscience so you keep letting her do these things, but one day enough is enough, isn't it?

acidicice said...

Hi, yeah...that's why she doesn't ask me for money anymore, because she has learnt I will not fall for her crap like everyone else does...though she's using me in a different way now. Denying her a lift to choir is kind of wrong though, if she wants to come to the house of God and I am her only means of getting there, who am I to refuse? I'm sure I'll be blessed for the sacrifice!

AngelConradie said...

i sometimes feel like running away to somewhere where i can't drive around and fetch and carry my family!