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Friday, 27 February 2009

The Plot Thickens

So an interesting development has occurred with Fence. I'm not sure if it's just temporary, but he seems to be avoiding Rudi. Rudi has sent him messages about going fishing on Saturday morning and has tried to call him a couple of times and he just doesn't answer.

Rudi jokingly says that he is afraid of me and doesn't want to face me. I find this strange as he wanted to speak to me last time Rudi was there (when I refused the invitation). This leaves me to wonder whether or not there is more to this story than meets the eye. Was I or my behaviour a scape goat for Fence not wanting to be friends with Rudi anymore? Why avoid him now? Rudi said he never told him that I was willing to meet and discuss things and he still went fishing with Rudi after everything had happened. What would give Fence the impression that he would have to face me now? He should still be under the impression that I do not want to see him. The plot thickens my dear readers. The plot thickens.

With all of these assumptions above, I might as well continue while I'm on a roll. Does this mean that I am not the wicked witch in the story? Does this mean that my 'attitude' or 'bad behaviour' has been exaggerated or blown out of proportion by someone to use for their own personal endeavours? I'll leave that for you to decide, because I really cannot say.

All I know is that Fence would usually promptly respond to Rudi's messages and phone calls as he was always eager to get together with him and something seems to have changed. Maybe he is really busy. Maybe this is just temporary. We'll have to wait it out and see.

I'm started showing Rudi my ovulation microscope results. Apparently the microscope is a great motivator for men. I am totally excited to see it 'fern' although that could take a week or two.

Another thing I have not mentioned before, but feel needs to be mentioned (as it is rather a big part of my life) is that I have made the bestest friend online. She really has been a wonderful support to me and listens to me moan, bitch, cry and laugh on a daily basis (yes, sometimes all my personalities come out). We've probably been talking every single day for the past few months. We communicate via e-mail when we're at work and when we're at home or on the road we MMS and SMS each other. We share basic everyday things with each other, we basically share our lives. The only drawback to this friendship is that it is a long distance one. My friend lives in Port Elizabeth and in case you don't remember I live in Cape Town. Being the clever girls we are, we have formulated a plan. At the end of May we have a weekend away planned in George (roughly halfway between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town). We're SO excited and have also practically already paid for the accommodation. Nellie (as she will be called on my blog) is heavily pregnant at the moment. By the time we finally meet her Creature (as so called by her) will be about 6 weeks old. Nellie also has the most amazing husband. A soft spoken darling of a man. She is very lucky! Nellie's husband will be known as Goliath when I refer to him in future.

Nellie really is a wonderful friend. She is very supportive and encouraging. It was her that sent me the eating plan I'm following. She's following my cycles on her calendars. She's keeping track of my weight loss...(she's cool like that). I suddenly can't remember what I did without her. We've become so involved in each other's lives that our families know about us and ask about how we're doing. i.e. Her mom will ask how I'm doing or if I am also watching 7de Laan if her phone beeps during the programme. It's actually phenomenal.

I cannot WAIT to go to George!

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Yay for friendship!!!