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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ovulation Microscope

So yesterday after work I excitedly went to Dischem to purchase my ovulation microscope. To my disappointment, they didn't have any! I had a sneaking suspicion that they wouldn't, but I was still disappointed. They recommended I go to M-Kem. I didn't really want to get it there as they are usually very overpriced, but I also had a prescription to fill and the queue at Dischem was VERY long. As I was standing in the queue at M-Kem I spied the ovulation microscope in the aisle I was waiting in! Right there! The last one! R370.00 later I owned my own ovulation microscope:

It really is amazing how it works. It's so simple it's scary. Much less complicated than charting your temperatures, I can tell you that! What is also great about it is that I can get up to go to the loo in the morning at any time I need to without worrying about first doing this test - as I would have to when charting my temperature. The microscope is literally a microscope which is the roughly the size and shape of a lipstick in which you can see how your saliva dries. Apparently when you are ovulating the pattern made by your saliva is different from when you are not ovulating. Here is the explanation of how it works. Thanks for the link angel.

I tested it out this morning and true as Bob I saw the 'not fertile' pattern. I can't wait to see it 'fern'! I'm completely into the CSI aspect of this. I <3 CSI!

On a side note we stopped at a shop yesterday and Rudi won me a horsie at one of those claw machines. It's so sweet and it makes galloping and neighing noises and everything! He's so cute when he does things like this for me. Although...since he's a dude and everything I'm sure it had more to do with the fact that shopping wasn't his bag and he wanted to play a 'game' rather :)


BioniKat said...

I like your horsie! I have quite a lot of stuffed animals in my 'orphanage' mainly from my daughter who dumped them when she left home. When I sorted out some of them went to new homes but some special ones I kept. I also have a teddy and a bunny that I have had since before I had kids.

acidicice said...

I still have various stuffed animals in boxes including one my biological father bought for me when I was little. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. It's one of the only things I remember him ever giving me.

Anonymous said...

wow, I find the fertility microscope fascinating. Amazing what can be done now a days.

Anonymous said...

That looks and sounds cool. Have fun with it. Nice horsie too. That was sweet of him :)

Anonymous said...

hmpf that microscope is interesting, could be a good thing to own if you didnt wanna fall pregnant either, to use in conjunction with other measures.

cute horsie!


acidicice said...

Sarah and Jane: It is VERY cool! I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but it's fun now!

Anon - It is stated that it is not to be used as contraception. You never know how long sperm is going to survive inside you!

Anonymous said...

It could be a good thing to use then if you're a real risk-taker :)