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Friday, 06 February 2009


Well, our walk last night didn’t do as much for me as our walk on Tuesday did. We walked longer and further though. I’m a little bit stiff. I thought I was going to die by the time I got home. My face sunburned slightly on our walk. We were in the piping hot sun for about 30 minutes. Today my face isn’t looking too bad, you can hardly notice it at all, but it was stinging and pink yesterday! Even after a cold shower I hadn’t cooled down yet, although our water failed me halfway through my shower.

Our water has been touch and go since Monday. Apparently there was some problem with the pressure in the complex. Rudi had to go two days without showering because no water came out of the tap after I had showered. Luckily last night things seemed to normalize.

I’m working this weekend, but I’m glad for it because it means I’ll be off on Valentine’s Day. Last year for Valentine’s Day Rudi bought me a kind of jasmine bush. I managed to keep it alive! Here it is today:

I was thinking about this baby thing last night. As much as I desperately want to be pregnant again and to have a healthy child…all this planning and charting and scheduled sexy time just doesn’t feel right. It shouldn’t be this way. I’m terribly conflicted about this. On the one hand I REALLY want to be pregnant. On the other hand I don’t feel like it should be an orchestrated affair. I feel that it should happen on its own, but as irrational as it may seem I feel like it won’t happen if we don’t have sexy time when we’re supposed to and we need to monitor everything to ensure we do. I know we didn’t need assistance falling pregnant before, but realistically it could have been a fluke. I think there is something like a 12 hour window for an egg to be fertilized. Surely that is easy to miss? How long is THAT going to take? So now I don’t know what to do. Do I follow my head or my heart?


Wenchy said...


Well done on the walking and keeping the plant alive. I am so not good with that! :)

It is difficult when you want something so bad to choose between your head and heart.

Anonymous said...

I hear that sperm can stay alive in the body for six days. My partner and I joke about how when our time comes to try, he'll aim to keep me 'topped up' throughout the month. I think it sounds like a lot of pressure for you both to be planning things heavily rather than just enjoying yourself for a while and seeing what happens - you've been through a lot and being together as a couple is also important. Why not just try having fun together for a couple of months and decide if you should plan heavily after that?

acidicice said...

Wenchy: I know! You've lost 16kg already, so whatever you are doing is working!

oinkoinkoink: For some reason I thought you were a man! I heard that it survives for 3 days...It's very difficult to stop thinking about it and 'have fun' when it was the main focus of our lives for so many months while I was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Red-headed, 5'6", 29 year old woman ;)