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Monday, 31 March 2008

Photo Monday

The weekend was pretty boring, except for the fact that one of our neighbours smashed up his car on Saturday night. It looks pretty bad. At least R5 000 damage. I think more. He's probably going to get quotes today because it's his work car (he has his own business) and he's going to need it pretty soon.

Speaking of cars, the other neighbour now says he's lost the photos of the burning car, but I have a picture of the burnt car:

It is lying on it's roof because they flipped it over to get it out of the road. It's now standing the right way up again, I think someone decided to strip what was left of the engine.

I bought the cutest Levi's shoes this weekend...I've also bought a black pair with the same kind of embroidery with little bits of red in. They were well priced and I've been getting lots of compliments on them. I <3>
Amber taking a bath. It's amazing how she can contort. She almost looks broken in this photo.

The jasmine bush is in full bloom. It's awesome! As you walk out of the front door you can smell the jasmine...the flowers don't last very long, but they seem to be budding in stages. I'm so proud of this plant!

This photo was taken when Rudi and I went to visit Boogaloo and Voldemort. This is their dog Macy.

Otherwise the weekend was boring. I went to help the choir out on Saturday at a wedding. There were barely any choir members there. I felt so bad. When I got married quite a number of choir members came to sing for us. I called my grandmother at 14:15 to ask her to please come and help out. The wedding was meant to start at 14:30. The bride only showed up at 15:30. It caused quite a commotion as time wore on. I felt quite sorry for her as there may have been a perfectly good explanation for her late coming, but this could not be communicated to the guests who just made their own assumptions. At some point someone sitting behind me said "I think the hairdresser cut off too much hair and they are waiting for it to grow back".

Other than that nothing exciting happened the weekend. I'm still on a mission to eat healthier and I'm definitely doing better than I did before. I know that there are some areas I can still improve on, but nobody is perfect.

I've also made a decision not to step on the scale. I don't want losing weight to be the main focus of what I am doing. I want the focus to be my health and losing weight will just be an added bonus.

I've got to get cracking at work.

P.S. I'm not sure why, but when posting images from flickr the image quality degrades. The pictures look fine on flickr, but look pixelated when posted on blogger. Anyone know how to circumvent this?

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