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Monday, 09 February 2009

The gynae said...

I went to the gynae at around 12:30 and only got to see him just before two. He is freaking busy! Luckily there weren't a whole lot of pregnant chicks in the waiting room so I didn't get too upset, the place did bring back some yucky memories though. Last time I was there was quite traumatic for me.

The gynae said I should watch my cycles and make sure they are regular. He said that less than 50% of people conceive within 6 months of a pregnancy so right now I should just relax and check that my cycle regulates.

He did a breast exam and internal exam and reckons everything looks 100% OK. He also said that by the looks of things I am probably ovulating right now and might be for the next few days. 'Your husband has work to do' kind of thing.

He said he doesn't believe in the temperature charting as it can be inaccurate at times. I forgot to take it this morning anyway. He explained to me how to check whether or not I'm ovulating - which I already knew from research.

So I've been told to relax and take it slow and check my cycle meticulously. Guess who is getting lucky tonight anyway?

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Wenchy said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear all is well.