pregnancy week by week

Friday, 27 February 2009


My healthy eating plan has kind gone down the drain for the last two days, but tomorrow is a new day. We skipped our walk yesterday, but I insisted we go today as I don't want to start letting myself get away with it.

We went for a lovely dinner at Primi Piatti with Beauty Queen, SLK and a few other friends. It was a fun evening. We're going over to their place tomorrow for a potjie. I'll see if there is anything healthy for me to eat :)


Wenchy said...

Hope dinner is good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
Was just wondering if you would mind me bumming your diet from you?

acidicice said...

Panni, it's really nothing specific. Just common sense. Eating healthy things like fish, lean mince, vegetables and fruits. Drinking 1.5litres of water and exercising. No magic potions. I wish there was.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Wish I could go to bed and wake up thin. No such luck. Take care xxx