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Tuesday, 03 February 2009


So today was weigh day for the first time since I've started my new eating plan and excercising. I've lost 1.4kg so far. Rudi has lost 1.8kg in the same period of time.

I am a bit annoyed that he lost more than me despite the fact that he drank BEER and COKE on Wednesday night and drank on the weekend. Not only that when we went to the Spur last night he enjoyed chips, onion rings and a burger while I had a slimmer's steak with green salad. He also didn't walk with me on Saturday.

It's SO unfair that men lose weight faster than women and don't have to work so hard at it. Even though they aren't really pressured to be 'thin'. I know. I'm competitive. WHATEVER!

I'm not going to let that get me down though and I'm going to keep on keeping on. We've decided that we're going to take Valentine's Day off for dieting and going to eat out and eat whatever we want. I look forward to it!


Wenchy said...

Congrats! Never mind what Rudi does, you just do your thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Leeza said...

I am super proud of you, especially for drinking water everyday, it's only going to get easier, well done on your first 1,4kg :O)

AngelConradie said...

well you're way ahead of me girl- way to go!

Unknown said...

Well done!!

Wenchy said...

Okay, I've read this one so update dammit.