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Monday, 02 March 2009

Final Chapter

So on Saturday we went for some potjie (food cooked in a black pot over a fire) with at Beauty Queen and SLK's house. I had painted my nails before I went, but they looked horrid. The paint had bubbled and it didn't look nice at all. Beauty Queen decided to treat me by giving me a french manicure with some cute nail art. So sweet of her. I tried to help clean afterward, but I was a little 'out of it' and Beauty queen said it would be OK if I left.

To tell you the honest truth I don't remember much about Sunday's church service. I took 4 tablets (of which I was supposed to take 1) the morning. I remember I wore heels. I hardly ever wear them. I remember wearing all black. I remember that the church was really full and that we could only find place in front with my grandparents. I remember unpacking the pocket pack tissues and using some of them. I don't even remember going up for communion really well. I don't think I made a spectacle of myself. Rudi sat there and held my hand and supported me. We left directly after service. I had a shower and a sleep. I was so tired. While I was sleeping Rudi went out and he came back with KFC. Bless him.

I completely fell off the healthy eating wagon this weekend (from around Wednesday already actually) so I'm expecting the scale to swear at me tomorrow morning.

This weekend went by in a haze.

This morning I have a sore throat. I still feel a little dazed and confused. I'm still tired. My colleague who miscarried her baby at 8 weeks last week came back to work today. I gave her her injection this morning. I feel disconnected and numb right now.

It's almost time to move on.


Anonymous said...

KFC helps when it's a bad day! Don't worry I'm sure one time won't affect what the scale says.


Wenchy said...

Thinking of you. xxx

Kendy said...
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