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Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Amber's Antics

She looks like a little angel doesn't she? Well she's not all the time! Peacefully taking a nap next to us on the couch yesterday evening...but this morning at around 4:30, she was howling like a banshee. I practically had to roll Rudi out of bed to go and break it up. He thought that hissing from bed would help, but the wailing continued and eventually he got up. Amber has a big scratch on her nose. I'm worried the neighbours might complain, but there are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood and hopefully they can't pin point the noise to Amber.

Last night we went to visit Sarah and Brad in their new place. It's quite a nice place they have. It's so strange that they are finally on their own. It almost feels like they are house sitting for someone and that it's not quite real. They are really happy and we are really happy for them. We took a bottle of champagne to celebrate and had quite a nice evening.

There's no ferning on my microscope yet, but Rudi observed this morning that the pattern is becoming more dense. He estimates it will fern by the weekend, Monday the latest he says. I must say, even though he was not keen on me purchasing the microscope he has taken quite an interest in monitoring what it is doing. I think it's the first time since we have actively been trying to conceive again that he has speculated as to when I would be ovulating. Very cool!


Wenchy said...

i have never discussed ovulation with noid LOL

T. said...

It sounds a like a really nice way to "live together towards it" and get accustomed to the idea, knowing when you are most fertile instead of "trying and trying" and both being at eachother in frustration, waking each morning hoping there's a result :)

It's nice to read how things have gotten much better, nice and relaxed :)