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Monday, 30 March 2009


I had a relaxed weekend, besides the working part of course. I worked until almost 2PM on Saturday and almost 1pm on Sunday (from 8am). It's not as bad as having to work full day on a weekend, but apparently that might be in the cards...Usually when working a weekend I leave before my colleague does. I simply manage to work faster. We've just been told we have to leave at the same time and help the lagging colleague out if they're not done. I feel that's a tad unfair. Why should I do more work (we split the work evenly) than someone else just because I'm more efficient? *sigh* It seems to be a trend lately. Getting 'punished' for working hard. Or rather having to work harder because you work so hard (and so well) already.

We ended up not going to Fence's party on Saturday. Before you think I was the culprit, Rudi actually decided not to go. Fence was supposed to call him on Saturday and he never did. It's not the first time Fence has faded on him. Rudi invited him fishing last Saturday and he said he had to work, but they should definitely call him when they get back so he can join them for a braai. They tried calling him repeatedly and he never answered or bothered to return the call or send a message. Rudi is quite put off by this fickleness.

So apart from the braai on Friday night we had a relaxed two days at home. My media player is completely busted. I'm so annoyed. No picture comes up on the TV. Luckily the hard drive still picks up when plugged into the laptop, so I haven't lost any information. We checked the cables and the DVD player works with the same cable, so it must be something inside the media player itself. Rudi opened it up and had a look, there are no obvious blow outs, burns or circuits that look busted. Guess we'll have to take it in and have someone look at it. I just hope it doesn't cost the earth. I'm kind of broke right now. Doctor's bills are really killing me.

If anyone was wondering, we switched off for Earth Hour on Saturday night. I could see dark patches in the lights from our balcony. I only saw one house with it's lights on in our complex. I must say that I heard quite a few car alarms go off just after 20:30. They did not switch off the street lights in our complex though, so it was still quite well lit. I saw on the news last night that 400 Mega Watts of electricity were saved in South Africa during Earth Hour. That sounds like a lot and even though a lot of people were very negative about Earth Hour, I think it did well to raise awareness for global warming.

After relaxing the weekend I feel refreshed and ready for the week. I suppose I will start getting tired again around Wednesday. It's not easy working 12 consecutive days.

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