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Monday, 23 March 2009

I can't even pee in cups

So in case you were wondering, Rudi did come home on time on Saturday. Only problem is he came with Lindor and family in tow. He did what men usually do. Told his friends he is game for a braai and then said 'I'll just check with the wife'. Doesn't leave me much choice does it? If I say no, I look like the bad guy. If I agree then everyone is happy but me. With much groaning I gave in. I knew he would not stop nagging until I said yes (he had already had enough beer to make him whiney). The condition was that he needed to clean up after they left.

The braai wasn't too bad. Lindor and Rudi were sufficiently drunk leaving Lindor's wife and I rolling our eyes and sighing at the idiotic conversations we were forced to listen to. Lindor was extremely unhappy that their fishing trip had yielded no fish. He is convinced Rudi jinxed him because he would not let him pee on his new Shimano reel. Wait. What?! Apparently it is tradition to initiate your new reel by peeing on it and if you don't (or someone doesn't) you will have bad luck fishing. Rudi says I may pee on his reel. He seems to forget that I'm a girl and I actually cannot aim when I pee. Um. I meant ewwww. Perhaps we can just tell Lindor that Rudi and I peed on the reel in some kinky way and he would no longer believe the reel is jinxed. Or we could pee on the reel.

I undressed, changed and dressed Lindor's six month old baby before she was put to bed. Sjoe. It's a lot harder than one would think. It didn't help that she was kicking as if her life depended on it! I think I need a lot more practice! I'm pretty sure it's something you get better at. Rudi also kept to his word and cleaned up on Sunday morning before I got home from church. Bless.

I think I'm feeling better this morning. I might just be imagining this slight nausea and random heartburn. Perhaps I'm just crazy. Still have to wait all the way to Saturday before anything is revealed. I spoke to Rudi about taking a blood test. He said he thinks we should wait till Saturday at least. If nothing happens on Saturday I'm going to go for a blood test on Monday. No doubt. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, OK?

Nellie is on maternity leave from today. Lucky cow! I'm going to miss talking to her. We're kind of cut off from each other right now as my phone bill is already sky high and she doesn't have funds to recharge either. We'll manage though. I think I'll type her a very long e-mail to keep her busy a bit later.

Oh. The finalists of the SA Blog Awards have been announced. Go vote here. Don't worry about looking for my blog amongst them, it's not there, but I would recommend you read some of the finalists as they definitely deserve their spots.

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AngelConradie said...

And?!!? Did you go for a test or what happened?