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Saturday, 14 March 2009


You think you have weird neighbours? You have NO idea!

A while ago we spotted a girl walking around our complex with a python around her neck. It freaked us out, but it faded from memory after a while. Last night as we came home we saw these two neighbours taking their pythonS for a walk. Yes. Multiple. As in more than one snake. I stopped them and asked if I can take some pictures for my blog.

Keep in mind that I am VERY AFRAID of snakes and was not able to take crisp clear pictures as the snakes were moving around a lot and this caused me to shake move around too.

Don't put the snakes where I can step on them man!

Rudi is a crazy mofo!

I think he's a lot more nervous than he looks *shudder* My brave husband!

These snakes don't sit still! Apparently this is the 'aggresive' one.

At some point he twisted around his arm and SQUEEZED too...I'm scared for him!

Must be the craziest girl in the world. Snake was swinging it's head in this one. Hence the blur.

The men playing with the snakes...Rudi experimentally holding the snake too.

So...apparently there aren't only two snakes...there are over 20! The one he keeps in his garage is big enough to eat Amber *SCREAMS*

Here are some of the snakes in their house:

Rudi holding one of the other, longer, thinner snakes.

Her latest pet. She didn't like her pink snake anymore, so they sold it and she got this other reptile as a pet. I'll settle for perfume or something. Anything. Just not a reptile!

I've asked them very nicely not to lose any of the snakes. They said we'll be the first to know. I begrudginly touched one of the pythons with my index finger and nearly died. I had to shower afterwards. I felt dirty. Snakes freak me out. That is never going to change. Rudi is very proud of himself. I still get freaked out just looking at the pictures!


Anonymous said...

One snake I can kinda understand (not for me though), but this is ridiculous!
that's more than a little obsessive

Anonymous said...

I think reptiles are awesome. I kinda like them... I have a gecko tattoo ;) But then a (male) colleague told me I have male hormones cos I am not scared of things 'normal' girls are scared of, and I told him I like geckos and frogs etc. LMAO!

acidicice said...

Jenty, i've got a feeling he's an attention seeker. He is thrilled by other people's aversion to his pets. Jane, not normal!

AngelConradie said...

Ooh I love snakes!