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Monday, 09 March 2009

My Father

I've been meaning to blog about this for a long time, but I haven't yet. Perhaps because I don't think it will work.

I want to find my biological father again. The last time I saw him I must have been 12 or 13. So that would be 14 - 15 years ago. We always tracked him down via his mother, but this failed the last time we tried. I wanted to track him down when I got married, but we couldn't find my grandmother in the phonebook as we always could.

All this being said - there isn't a hole in my life where he should be. My grandfather has filled the male role model role as much as he could. My stepfather was also there, but not necessarily someone to look up to. Lots of other stuff behind that as well. My father also tried to legally disown me at some point, but I don't think it was for any other reason besides the fact that he couldn't afford to pay maintenance and knowing My Evil Mother she was probably trying to milk him. I don't remember him ever being well off financially. I remember I was on his medical aid for a while too when I was younger.

All these years I have only ever heard one side of the story. Now that I have learnt that My Evil Mother is not exactly the best source of information, I'd like to hear his side of things to. Nobody else in my family has ever really spoken badly about him, in fact just recently I heard how helpful and accomodating he was. The worst thing my grandparents mentioned was that he was always trying to start some or other business and failing. Maybe he was just trying to find his own success.

So now I don't know how to get hold of him. Here is what I know:

His name is George William James
He has a brother names Hentie
His mother's name is Wilana De Vries
Last known location: Bloemfontein
Last known job: Driver for Blue Label (according to his mother)
Last known wife: Isabelle (as far as I know)
Other children: Nicholas and Johnathan (that I know of)

So if anyone out there is in Bloemfontein, or has a contact at home affairs...or knows what I should do to find him, please leave me a comment and let me know.


Wenchy said...

Hey. Good luck with finding your Dad. I would like to find my sister....

Anonymous said...

Mail me some extra details like ID number or Date of Birth and I'll probably be able to find him.

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I'd try to find him via the electoral role, or via his last known place of work, or I'd contact every De Vries in Bloemfontein asking around to see if anyone knows him, contact the churches in Bloem, or failing that (or if you simply have some spare cash laying around), hire a private investigator. It's probably very easy to find people if you know where to look.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome hun, good luck! Try Googling too, you never know what may come up.

Anonymous said...

I think that's great that you're searching for your biological father - GOOD LUCK!

acidicice said...

Thanks everyone. Google doesn't bring up anything, I'm afraid, nothing relevant anyway.

Glugster...I'll speak to My Evil Mother and see if she can remember his date of birth...

Unknown said...

My database has a number and address for a George James (Initials are listed as GR). Born in May 1964. Lives in the Western Cape.

I have no records for Hentie or Wilana.

I have a Nicholas James (born 1979) who lives in Joubertpark. Address, but no phone number.

No records for Jonothan or Isabelle.

acidicice said...

Thanks Chris, I have since obtained his birth date which is 12April 1958, doesn't seem to be the same one. Thank you so much for your effort!