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Friday, 20 March 2009

One tube, one test?

I was feeling sick yesterday morning...and the evening before after having a Savannah (or half of one) and a ton of garlic. When Rudi opened his eyes this morning the first thing he said to me was 'Are you naar?' (naar = nauseous) Shame. We Poor chap has his hopes up for this month.

We had a lady come to our house to draw our blood for the life insurance tests. I asked her if she could draw some extra blood and do a pregnancy test as well, but unfortunately she didn't have the correct tube with her. She said if I had asked her earlier she could have brought a tube with. Darn. Maybe it's a sign that I should just freaking wait and quit being so impatient. My cycle is due in 8 days. It's a long time to wait. I'll still have to wait another week after that anyway to be sure it's really late and not just irregular. I hate this.

On the upside, although she struggled to find my vein as they inevitably always do, she only stuck me once and managed to get all the blood she needed. Only one vial. She said they are only doing an HIV test though, so I'm not sure what the nicotine racket is all about. Is that a scam? Do they just call you up and say 'We found nicotine' to increase your premium? She did say that they may use the same kind of tube for the nicotine test...but she couldn't say for sure. Interesting that. We'll see what the results say.

Was a little peeved with Rudi yesterday. When he came to pick me up Lindor was in the car with him and they were both smoking. Are you freaking kidding me?! I was about to go for this nicotine test and both of them are smoking with me in the car. Idiots. Rudi didn't seem to think it would make a difference. He clearly doesn't acknowledge the dangers of second hand smoke.

Anyway. I'm really happy I'm off this weekend. I plan to go for a very long walk this evening. To make up for almost two weeks of no exercise. I swear I'll do it. I have to with all the junk I've eaten this week. Back on the bandwagon from today. From immediately. No more excuses!


Anonymous said...

You can go to any blood lab and ask them to do the pregnancy test there. It's very quick to get the results.

6000 said...

You'd be amazed how many tests us scientists can get out of one tube.
But as your lady said - it has to be the right tube.
Incidentally, an OTC urinary preg test (sensitivity 25IU) can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your next period is due.

acidicice said...

Ta Jax

6000 - Thanks...but can you get an HIV test and a nicotine test out of ONE tube?

I was almost 4 weeks pregnant last time and 6 urine test done over a two week period showed zilch. I simply do not trust them anymore. Even tried the ones that said sensitivity 25IU.

AngelConradie said...

No baby for me and Glugs this month...
I was very heartsore.