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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday Business

So I finally got my ass into gear and walked today. I didn't walk particularly far and the walk wasn't more strenuous than usual, but when I got home I felt sick to my stomach. As if I could throw up because of the exertion. Strange that. I actually still feel a little queasy. Didn't stop me from eating two hot dogs for lunch though. Bah.

I also did my filing. I didn't have nearly as much as I thought I would have, but I clearly haven't filed since November. I also haven't collecte post from my P.O. Box since January, in other words I STILL have catching up to do *sigh* At least I've gotten my new files in working order and all the loose papers lying around into one place.

I also cleaned the house and even took the bin out. That's usually Rudi's job. Rudi has gone fishing with Lindor. He left around 10:00 this morning and will *probably* be home by 18:00. He says he'll be home by that time...but we'll have to see. He's not great at coming home when he says he's going to.

Anyway. I'm at my grandparents house which has broadband. You'd think I'd be less bored. They've both nodded off leaving me without any company and rugby on the TV. My grandfather won't admit to his nap if he catches me changing the channels.

I had a nice hour long conversation with Nellie earlier. I'm hoping to call her back a little later. Pffft. So bored and wondering why on earth I'm nauseous when I'm not sick. I'll give you three guesses what I'm thinking and the first two don't count...

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AngelConradie said...

Haha- my dad does the same if you change the channel!!!