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Thursday, 19 March 2009


So I survived yesterday (as I suspected I would) and am still alive today.

I would like to thank the following people for the messages I received yesterday:

Aldaz Heather

and of course, Nellie <3

Plus all the ladies from the parenting community that conveyed their concern and support.

Thank you all for your messages, I really appreciate the prayers and love I have received.

Rudi loved his birthday present. I bought him a Shimano fishing reel. Apparently it's a very good kind and he'll never need another one (unless he throws it in the ocean with his rod). He was under the impression I did not buy him one at all. Usually he fishes out his gifts before the time. I finally had him fooled this year.

So today is 'move on' day. Today should also be kick myself under the bum day because I have not been walking and eating a load of rubbish. I need to remember to love myself and stop treating myself so badly! Why is this so hard for women to do?

Rudi thinks I'm having an affair. Twitter has me glued to my phone and he thinks that I have a twitter boyfriend. LOL. He doesn't get the online addictions. He says I'm like a high school girl on MXIT with her boyfriend. Does this mean I have a problem? Is there such a thing as twitter rehab? LOL. I don't think I'll be able to leave it!

I think that they are coming to draw blood tonight for my new life insurance policy to check that I'm not a smoker. I haven't smoked for about a week and a half. Quite interested to see if I pass. People have been telling me it takes much longer to get out of your system. I've been tempted to smoke, don't get me wrong, but I've abstained for the sake of a discount on my premium. Now lets just hope they test comes back negative for nicotine and that is the only thing they test for :)

So from tomorrow it's happy thoughts and rainbows and bunnies. Must be happy and put all this stuff behind me. New page. New life. Happiness.


Anonymous said...

AW man! It was such a pleasure! Glad I helped to make the day bearable!

hahahaha twitter is addictive like that!

Wenchy said...

I've tried the twitter thing but it did nothing for me.

Good luck with the new upbeat and sunshiny life :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Rudi was surprised :)
Good luck with the moving on :)

BioniKat said...

Fishermen always say "Thats the last reel I will ever need" - Until they see the new upgraded model. "Usually he fishes out his gifts..." - good pun. And tell him when he's complaining about your Twitter habit - Live and let live! And then make sure you don't spoil it by complaining about something he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Thought of you often yesterday. Am glad that you are feeling "better" today.

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend feels the same about twitter.

it's hard to explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it.

totally addictive.

Jay said...

I'm constantly on MXIT and Facebook...i'm a addict...i tried to stop smoking as of yesterday and i managed 13 hours. But you know which company we work for so it gets tough.

AngelConradie said...