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Monday, 01 September 2008


I was silly. I just realized that my camera cable must be in my laptop bag. Where else would I put it? Silly me!

I'm downloading a few images of the place that...I'll take pictures of everything else once there is some order!

Our bedroom

Bedroom cupboards

The bathroom - seperate shower!

The rug I wouldn't stop talking about

Our balcony with built in braai (BBQ)

Tonight our landlord stopped by to make sure we were alright. She brought us flowers and a card! How wonderful is that?! We are so lucky! :)


Unknown said...

Hi there,

Your new place looks stunning. Well done on a good choice.

Love the rug btw.

Good luck with the unpacking.

acidicice said...

Thanks Michelle :)

Miss T said...

I can see what you mean by the rug...Tres fab!

acidicice said...

Thanks miss t. It is rather fabulous, but I'm realizing now that it shows up little white bits of fluff really easily!