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Saturday, 01 March 2008


My manager organized tickets for Rudi and I to go watch the rugby last night. It's the first time either of us has been to a live rugby match and it was lots of fun! We forgot to take money with though, so we didn't have any food or drink. We enjoyed it thoroughly. I took some pictures with my phone:

Waiting patiently for the game to begin...

This guy was running around shouting 'Fat free doughnuts!' - LIAR!!

A man that takes his rugby really seriously...nah...he just didn't know I was snapping a photo

The Stormers team warming up

The match in progress!

We really enjoyed the game, even though our team lost. We'll definitely do it again sometime and ensure that we get really good seats.

This is really a fun thing to do even if you're not a fanatic. I enjoyed the atmosphere and watching all the people...there are also a lot of pretty girls hanging around - not that I think you'd be able to pick anyone up there easily.

I would recommend that everyone do it at least once!

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