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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Rudi's Birthday

I've recently discovered Bloglines and other types of RSS feeds. What a pleasure. I've always struggled to keep up with blog posts and to keep all the blogs I like bookmarked is a mission. Feedburner has made me wise to these things since I've started my new blog. Nothing would be cooler than to have hundreds of subscribers, but that's just not going to happen. That only happens to the likes of Peas. Is it because she's a journalist and writes well? Is it because she's funny? Maybe it's because she always has interesting things to write about.

Anyhoo...I've neatly put all the blogs I like into my Bloglines feed and I immediately know when something new is posted. It's wonderful. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the animated button on the right (the one that flashes the 'headlines' on my blog). You can subscribe in almost any reader, then you'll always know when I've posted :)

Other than that the application I need to work on is still messed up (since yesterday) with no estimated time for resolution or even an indication that the developers know what the problem is. What ever happened to pre-production testing? Seriously? These developers get paid tons of money for applications that they stuff up causing a ripple effect to everyone that uses it. Do they get penalised? I wonder. Having to work around their incompetence is really frustrating. I suppose this is the part where I need to step up, be flexible and show how I cope under pressure. Quit my whining? Sure.

It's Rudi's birthday today. At first he didn't want to do anything this evening - he wanted to go out on Friday night, but he changed his mind after Boogaloo called him. Boogaloo asked what we were doing to celebrate and since it was coming from someone other than me he felt it was a good idea. What he didn't know is that he was blowing to hell a secret plan for his mother and father to come and drink tea this evening while delivering his gift. His mother called me last night to conspire. She was going to ignore his birthday all day and surprise him this evening. I called his mother to let her know that he had changed his mind and proceeded to tell her about her son's clothing preferences, without realizing she's his mother, who would know better? They opted not to join us for supper, but she said she would deliver his gift before we leave. Rudi promptly decided to phone his mother and kak her out for not wishing him yet. I assume this was the desired reaction.

I'm looking forward to going out with Boogaloo and Voldemort tonight. We haven't all spent time together for a while and it should lots of fun with stimulating conversion and speculation about whether we are heading for a recession or not. Good times.

We'll also certainly make the waiters sing for Rudi. All the waiters in the restaurant will come and clap and sing their special 'birthday song' attracting the attention of all the other patrons and generally embarassing the target of their jubilance. They also put a sparkler in his food. I can't wait.

I've requested that Voldemort brings his fancy new camera to take pictures for my blog...hope he remembers.

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