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Monday, 03 March 2008

Frustrated much?

I've been tinkering on my blog all day. Not that I've achieved much. The one thing that I want to do (changing my header to the same header I used on my old blog) - I'm not able to. HTML programming isn't my strong point.

The reason I suddenly have so much time on my hands? Our applications at work have been offline since I arrived, since before that actually. So here I sit with my head up my ass. I would much rather be lying with my head up my ass at home, preferably snoozing.

It's really frustrating as there are one or two people who are able to work, but they cannot cope with the entire department's work load. The backlog this problem is creating is detrimental to our performance as well. Sure, they'll be meant to exclude us...but sometimes it becomes impossible to determine whether or not they have.

I had an urge to take the book I'm reading this morning [The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands by Stephen King] and decided against it since I wouldn't have time to read at work. Now I have nothing but time and I regret my hasty decision.


I've read all the blogs...done everything I can (even cleaned up my inbox) and now I'm falling asleep, trying hard not to drool on my keyboard.

Ugh. What a waste.

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