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Monday, 17 March 2008

IT - Ignoramus Totallus

Dear IT department

I guess you think it's funny to sneak in on a Sunday evening and mess up the application that I need to work on on Monday morning. This is the second time this month that you have decided that my Monday is going to be a shambles. Are you kidding me?

You have, however, made me realize that being able to come in and actually do what I'm expected to do is a pleasure. Sitting here with my hands tied, feeling frustrated, isn't.

I also realize that you are getting paid double to come in and tinker and throw spanners in the works, this I don't find amusing at all. You should get half of minimum wage for what you are doing.

You're probably sitting somewhere snickering right now thinking "Ha! You think you're so cool because you get 4 bonus' a year...but look now...who has the POWER now? Every hour I have you sitting there with your finger up your bum your bonus is dwindling! Revenge is sweet!".

Suck my balls Mr. IT man. Suck my balls.

P.S. At least unblock facebook while you have me here being unproductive anyway.

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