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Thursday, 06 March 2008

(Uncle) Steve

I wanted to write about (Uncle) Steve because he is such a classic character in my life right now. Let the record state that (Uncle) Steve is ancient and I can't HELP but to call him uncle, yet he can't stand it. Sometimes we just call him Oom or Oom Steve. It seems as though none of us can shake the habit of addressing him as uncle.

(Uncle) Steve has impeccable manners. He stands up when a lady enters or leaves the room. He believes in paying you compliments - only if he feels you really deserve them. He has a good time with us and keeps us entertained for ages telling us stories from his life.

He's definitely a colourful character. He has lived such a full life and has wonderful stories to tell. Wonderfully exciting stories. If you connect the dots between his stories you can figure out that he was once part of the Andre Stander gang. One of those who was arrested for armed robbery - that makes for some good story telling!

Unfortunately (Uncle) Steve is ill. He has stomach cancer. They've removed the tumours, but the cancer is back. They wanted to burn it or something and he refused treatment. Apparently he only has a few months left to live.

This is why I have decided to dedicate this post to (Uncle) Steve and his memory - whilst alive, so that I don't ever forget him.

I will most likely refer to (Uncle) Steve again sometimes and perhaps even relate one of his stories that was particularly funny or interesting. The other day he spoke about the death of Elvis...and it dawned on me that he was actually alive when that happened.

I wonder how old he really is...I should ask him.

Do you have a character in your life that deserves a posting?

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