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Friday, 28 March 2008

And Breathe...

I had an impassioned choir practice last night. I felt moved, challenged and motivated.

We have an amazing choir leader. When he conducts he is filled with emotion and you can almost feel the music through his facial expressions alone. Before I joined the choir I enjoyed watching him immensely. It's a little more difficult to watch him now that I'm singing because I have a lot of other things to focus on. He also sings for very large choirs that sometimes travel abroad, so he brings a lot of experience to the table.

He teaches us how to breathe properly, how to 'support' so that we can reach higher notes and make them sound better. He understands the terms of the music and tries to stay true to the composer's wishes. He pushes ALL the right buttons to make you push yourself and to make you want to do better. He is strict, but he does it for the love of the music.

At choir practice last night I sang until I was dizzy. Literally dizzy from singing high notes and keeping them there for long. I was actually exhausted when I got home. Last night I developed a whole new respect for my grandmother. My grandmother is an amazing soprano. She was one of the first solo artists to be recorded on LP for our church. She was invited to sing at many, many weddings - to the extent that my grandfather stopped accompanying her because he was bored. She is well known amongst members of our church - she's kind of famous. Thinking of how I felt last night I can't imagine how hard she must have worked to achieve what she has achieved. I have always loved my grandmother for her kindness and her innocent way, but I have another reason to admire her now. What a woman!

We have a District Apostle service coming up in April and will be having 2 choir practices with this choir leader each week. *phew*, there's a lot of work ahead of me, but I can only get better at singing by doing this.

P.S. I should be posting photos of that car a little later today, my neighbour said he'd send them to me. I also have new pictures of the jasmine bush which is blossoming beautifully!

P.S.S. Looks like my neighbour left work before sending me the pictures. I'll sock him one tonight.

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