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Friday, 29 February 2008

50 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I hate black toilet seats. They freak me out because I believe that I can see ecoli better on a white seat I suppose.
  2. You can argue with me as much as you want, I don't think I'm pretty.
  3. My pinkies (little fingers) are crooked. Both of them. They have been from birth. My Evil
  4. Mother wanted to have them broken and straightened when I was younger. I was never good enough for her (except when she realized I have a good credit record)
  5. I want to lose an entire person.
  6. I cannot eat mozarella cheese since being on SureSlim put me off it for life.
  7. I hate olives. They taste crap.
  8. I don't eat sea food. Only calamari and sometimes hake. I don't like fish.
  9. I have been working for the same company since I left school.
  10. I have met Des from Egoli (Chanel De Jager) and visited her home in London while I was there.
  11. My favourite colour is purple, but I have found that I like pink equally recently.
  12. Heath Ledger was my favourite actor, partially because he had the male version of my name, partially because he's hot.
  13. I had to curb a facebook addiction due to it being blocked at work.
  14. Stupid people make me swear out loud at work.
  15. I think there is something wrong with me, but I'm not sure what it is.
  16. I am fascinated by serial killers. I will read up on them whenever I have time.
  17. I am afraid of any bird that is as big as or larger than a duck.
  18. Alanis Morissette is my favourite artist of all time. I cried when she came onto stage when I attended her concert.
  19. I used to be obsessed with Eeyore (from Winnie The Pooh). I have a large box of Eeyore items from panties to pencil erasers.
  20. I am left handed, but use it almost only for writing. I do practically everything else with my right hand.
  21. My 'Discovery Age' is 8 years older than my actual age.
  22. Quitting smoking was too easy for me. I was very disappointed.
  23. I once tried to iron lycra pants.
  24. I am not naturally blonde, despite the impression that the previous point creates.
  25. I often overestimate my importance in the lives of others.
  26. I have recorded a song I wrote.
  27. I used to write poetry when I was in high school. It was all very dark and angsty stuff.
  28. I think completely bald men are sexy.
  29. I didn't wear open shoes (like sandals) until the age of 22 because my grandmother used to call me "polony toes" which gave me a complex about my feet.
  30. I used to take piano lessons in primary school, but gave it up when I realized my fingers are too short to play the more complicated pieces.
  31. I bake kick ass meringues (not lemon meringues, the pavlova type) - apparently this is an art, but it's always come naturally to me.
  32. I have a brother that's not really my brother, he's sort of 'adopted'. He's not legally my brother, nor by blood but we have a brotherly-sisterly bond. He'd save my ass in a heartbeat and I'll do the same for him.
  33. I have two half brothers only one of whom I met once when he was a baby.
  34. I don't know my father and sometimes wish I did since I only know my mother's side of the story and I don't believe her anymore.
  35. I worry about the mental health of my unconceived child when I look at my family and that of my husband.
  36. I still go to the GP that delivered me.
  37. I can't see for sh!t, I wear contacts.
  38. I thought at some point that I could be a writer, but have since realized that others are able to articulate themselves much better than I can.
  39. I have been "the other woman" and regret it
  40. I love blue cheese, proper stinky blue cheese. I usually buy the Rosenburg brand from Checkers.
  41. When I was little I used to use moist sand and build little 'houses' which really just consisted of raised sand 'walls'. I used to put snails in the 'rooms' and then watch them. I also used to poke at their eye thingies and watch them suck it in.
  42. I am often ambivalent. I would watch a program like 'LA Law" and both lawyers would convince me to the extent that I would be very confused about whether or not the accused is innocent or guilty.
  43. I am afraid of the dark.
  44. I can't stand drinking water. I really should, but there are a lot of things I should do that I don't believe I can achieve.
  45. I don't eat prawns or shrimp, but love the 'Prawn Cocktail' chips from Woolworths.
  46. Speaking of Woolworths, I refuse to purchase anything from a Woolworths store based on the principle that they cared more about money than about me.
  47. I am a realist and DO think that South Africa is being run into the ground. I do not, however, plan to run. I will wait it out for a while and see what happens.
  48. I used to believe in fairies, gnomes, dwarves and other magical creatures when I was young.
  49. I like sex in the missionary position.
  50. I don't enjoy British humour.
  51. I think Adcodol is the best pain killer ever.

I never thought I could come up with 50 things. Seriously. I amaze myself.
This post was inspired by Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills. I encourage anybody to do the same and leave the links in the comment section. This is a lot of fun.

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