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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Tons of Photos!

Click on images to enlarge.

This is my favourite photo that I have taken so far. I am very proud of it!

This is an awesome macro shot of a succulent. I thought the colours and patterns were odd and wanted to capture it.

This is my favourite photo of us in the Knysna Elephant Park

This is a picture of a rainbow I captured over the weekend. Five minutes after this picture was taken the skies were clear and the rainbow was gone.

These are pictures of our old office. You'll notice that there are no windows and it looks dull and cluttered.

These are pictures of the office we are moving to. The colours are bright, there are more windows and it's more spacious. Of course the PCs are not in yet - I'll have to post more photos once we've moved.

@ Zanzibar in Knysna

Rudi and I @ Zanzibar in Knysna

Finally - my take for Project Blue. I thought it would be nice to have a picture of my engagement/wedding ring because of the blue stones. Project Blue is an initiative of Anna Carson. Jenty is also participating in Project Blue - I read both of their blogs every day. They are both very good at photography.

I hope you've had your fill of photos!

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Wenchy said...

That ring is gorgeous!!! Do you have a Flickr account?