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Thursday, 05 June 2008


The church service last night was tough. The Word we received was a difficult one to apply. The whole purpose of going to church is so that you can get food for your soul and apply the morals and values that you learn in your day to day life.

Last night we were told that you cannot say you love God if you do not love your neighbour. How can you love a God you have never seen, yet you cannot love your neighbour who you have seen?

I realize this point can be endlessly argued by cynics, but if this could be applied in the life of every human being (regardless of religious beliefs or background) - how different would the world be?

It was said that it is easy to love someone that does everything you tell them. It is easy to love someone that agrees with you all the time. Where is the challenge in that? Where is the effort required? How are you bettering yourself as a person by just loving those that it is easy to love? That's the catch.

I can think of two individuals that I feel I cannot love. Crack Head Neighbour and Coke Head (My Evil Mother's boyfriend) are two individuals I have great trouble even thinking about without boiling my blood.

Last night while in the service I thought to myself "I am so imperfect, how could I possibly meet the standard of others that are so much better than me?". Yes, God is a graceful and compassionate God - where is the line though? Somewhere in the Bible Jesus says that he would spew you out should you be lukewarm towards him or that he would deny you in front of His Father.

Where does that leave me?

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