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Monday, 09 June 2008


I am a rather possessive and jealous person. I know this isn't nice. I know it's not socially acceptable. I just can't help myself. This jealousy doesn't limit itself to my partner - it's travels to my friends too.

Somewhere something in my head must be broken. I can't expect people to only be friends with ME. I must crave their approval on some level, but why feel shunned when they have other friends?

For example...Rudi and I have been spending a lot of time with a certain couple. We see each other every day. The girl of the other couple and I have grown really close and enjoyed a certain amount of exclusivity with each other. This couple has recently run into old friends that they have not seen for some time. Subsequently they have been spending an increasing amount of time with this couple. They even went as far as to invite this couple over to a braai at our house so that we could meet them.

This weekend they are going away together. We've discussed going away together with them, but we delayed it due to financial constraints, etc. Something seems a bit off with this turn of events.

Oh well, I will miss the exclusivity we enjoyed...and I am heartsore that it was so short lived.

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