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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Moving on...again

Rudi and I have made a decision to move...again. We have good solid reasons to do so...apart from the fact that all our neighbours (and friends) are moving within the year the owner of our unit is being an absolute bastard about maintenance and repairs in the unit. We have also heard about a few break-ins in the complex (probably due to the 'security' gates and electric fence never working). We officially gave notice of cancellation yesterday and officially have until 31 August to move.

Having said that we haven't found a new place to live yet, but 2 months should be sufficient to search. I'm excited and frightened all in one. They say that moving is the second most traumatic event in a person's life second only to death of a close friend or relative. To some degree I believe that...I remember how overwhelmed I felt when we moved last time. Not because we moved, but packing up your life into boxes and moving it all into another place and then trying to make sense of it all again - it's overwhelming. I'm lucky I have help. I remember when we moved into our current place of residence Rudi unpacked the kitchen all by himself. Bless.

The admin of moving is freaking insane. I was sent a two page letter (in small font) detailing what we are responsible for, the consequences of not adhering to said responsibilities, signed off with a nice "Fuck you very much" "Thank you for using us as your rental agent".

So the search begins. It still seems a bit early to look now as most of the places are 'Available Now!' or available 1 July and very few available 1 August. I'm nervous to leave it too late as we will have no place to go if we do not find something within the stipulated time. We have a few requirements, such as:

* A stand alone shower (not a shower over a bath)
* Space in the kitchen for my stove, dishwasher and washing machine
* No stairs inside the unit
* A garage would be really nice
* 2 bedrooms
* Burglar proofing

It doesn't sound like much, but trust's a lot to ask!

Wish us luck!

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